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Well, it seems I am seeing way more NEW American cars on the road. Great!

This morning, I saw another new red Camaro parked next to a meter and, on the freeway, I was following a brand new black Mustang. (Gosh, darn, the slight design adjustment in the rear light panel with the tapered taillamps makes it very attractive).

I also see lots of new Fusions still wearing their new dealer plates and quite a few new Malibus. I also see many new Focuses.

What I see less of is Enclaves, which started out hot, and seem to have waned. (Personally, I don't like them, they're too bloated and bulbuous).

I notice this because I live in a state that wears its love for foreign cars like a badge of honor. Bleh... So, do you seem to be spotting more NEW American cars these days (relative to NEW foreign cars)? Are you happy about that?

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Not me.

I've seen more Toyotas than ever in my neck of the woods....

Same here...I see a few new American cars, which is great, but the vast majority on the roads seem to be Japanese generics...and a lot of the Korean ones these days as well. White and silver FWD blandmobiles.

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I work just down the street from a Ford plant... on my way back from lunch I saw a disturbing amount of completed Ford crossovers filling their lot.

I do get to see a lot of Mustangs and lately a few Taurus coming and going from the plant.

Camaro sightings have been sparse for me but so have Genesis coupes.

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I couldn't imagine having anything other than a white car if one lived in the desert.

Yeah, but white Corollas, Camrys, Sentras, etc? Couldn't get duller and more uninspired than that. That's what I see every day in traffic...depressingly dull FWD generic appliances driven by the masses.

I generally don't like white cars...there are a few that look good in white, like the new Camaro and the pearl white Caddys..

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