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So I'm coming back from the mines last night at 1h30 in the morning. I press open the garage door opener, turn the car into the garage, think "this is gonna be tight" (the car is not the MINI but an old VW Passat company car) and suddenly this scratching sound....... rear left fender scratched at the wheel well area... an expensive trip this will be, and what pisses me off is that it's the same f@#king turn I do every single day when I get home... :explode::hissyfit:

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You don't know how often I hear that from customers. They go every day with their routine, then one day... kablammo... something is just an inch off, and that's all it takes.


It feels kinda ridiculous, but at the same time it was 1h30 in the morning, I had spent the whole week away on business and still had gone to the mine in the South of Portugal for some work before heading back to Lisbon... guess my brain just wasn't working at that moment...

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Sounds like mom & her Camaro rim, that she's still in pain about. "It was a tight spot, my eyes were adjusting from my contacts in the dark & it's hard to see out of the car..."

Or me and, right after having the G8 lowered, driving into town & parking face in to the sidewalk. Didn't feel or hear anything, and always before the car cleared everything. A week later washing..."that doesn't look normal..." and I scraped/dented the bottom of the fascia.

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