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Since we have no Chevy Trax, this could be cool


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JDM version of the new Fit-based crossover, the Honda Vezel. Goes on sale in the U.S., sourced from a new Mexican plant, second half of 2014... hmmm, looks sporty, love the color!post-37-0-60402800-1388356242_thumb.jpg

Will not have the Vezel name in the U.S., I am guessing something like "CrossFit".

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From the folks who bring you this :

Maybe inspired by Gundam robots :) At least they are dramatic and not the usual safe vanilla that other carmakers are doing.

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whoa... SCARY. I still like the Vezel, though. Better looking than a Juke by a long shot. Encore is selling pretty well, I think, but I do believe the Trax would have sold more... enough to make up for the loss of profit inherent in a Chevy price tag.

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Actually, that is not a good photo of the front end. There are clearer photos of the front out there, just didn't post them, of the Vezel in white, for example. And PA is a one-plate state, so no plate to clutter it up. :)

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That's like saying "oh good! He won't need to cover his badly infected eye with an eye patch!"

Nice JAB at the Olympic Reporting! :rofl:

Over all if this is what is replacing the butt fugly FIT, mucho better. Yes the nose needs some work as it look like someone punched it, but better than that Godzilla concept picture above.

The Honda Crowd will eat it up and sell a ton.

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So these are available in Gas, Diesel or Hybrid form. According to Honda, the 1.5-liter turbo provides 15 percent better fuel economy and 45 percent better torque and will be used to replace the 1.8-liter naturally aspirated engine. Currently this gas engine and hybrid is planned for the US. Japan also has a diesel for this CUV but no decision if it will cross the pond to the US.

Currently the Vezel's and Fit's are in a major recall in Japan where the mgmt software for the 7 speed dual clutch transmission needs to be reflashed due to a glich that could cause the auto not pause during shifts or to just shut down and not move the auto. All Fit and Vezel's are going back to the garage to get new software.

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