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Bentley News: Bentley Considers What New Vehicle They Should Do To Celebrate 100 Years

William Maley

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2019 will mark 100 years of Bentley and the automaker is considering doing something special for the occasion.


“Our centenary would be a good time to create a new limited series car,” said Bentley CEO Wolfgang Dürheimer.


There are a number of ideas being considered, including a hypercar.


“That project will be investigated intensively in Crewe within the next month. The question is, do we build the standard car you would expect in that segment? Or do we go with lots of carbon fibre and lightweight components? Now that would be a car we could take to the big guns,” said Dürheimer.


Now Bentley has floated the idea of a supercar before. Back in 1999, the company revealed the Hunaudières Concept which packed an 8L W16 engine capable of hitting 350 KPH (about 217 MPH).


Source: Top Gear

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Nah...that Speed 6 looks like a bloated Aston Martin.

Im not sure what they should do either...the only thing that comes to mind is something that very few manufactures have done...Toyota has...is to re-release an old model and offer modern suspension and  ABS brakes  and airbags...ie...modern safety equipment,,,and resell it to the public with limited numbers.


Toyota did that with their Land Cruiser 70.


I propose they re-manufacture a classic from their past.


I dont know...a Bentley Blower from the late 1920s-1930s perhaps...



maybe that proposal is tooooo much car enthusiasm for the average billionaire?

I dont know...if I was a billionaire...Id be more inclined to show off with something vintage...modern...but vintage than a Mulsanne...but that is just me...Im quirky that way...


Id rather you call me  a connaisseur...

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