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Lamborghini's CEO Doesn't Rule Out Adding Another Model After Urus

William Maley

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Before too long, Lamborghini will have three models in its lineup; Aventador, Huracan, and the Urus SUV. But there is talk about another model joining the lineup.

Let us set the scene. Motoring reports that Lamborghini's new CEO Stefano Domenicali wants to see the brand's sports cars to use a single platform as a way to share parts and reduce costs in development. The current Aventador and Huracan share very little and Domenicali believes this is unworkable.

“If we talk about super sports cars we need to consider that the right approach would be to be modular. We cannot have two models with two power units, two gearboxes, two chassis, honestly it’s not viable in terms of business case,” said Domenicali.

“That’s something we need to think about for the future.”

How does this connect to adding a new model? Motoring asked if Lamborghini was to develop a modular platform, would they consider doing a smaller sports car?

“I think the answer is possibly yes. But so far we need to make sure the third model [Urus] will be stable enough to think about a fourth model,” said Domenicali.

If Lamborghini was to go forward with this, expect sometime after 2022.

Source: Motoring

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Well, the Audi R8 and Huracan share platforms, so there's that.

The question becomes if they start going down-market, how do they manage the brand's cachet, and how do they prevent stepping on Audi and Porsche's toes?

Right now, the Huracan sits too low to put a model in below it, realistically. The 580-2 is well under 200K and is too far below the 650S and and 488 in terms of power. There is going to need to be at the very least a mid-cycle improvement where the Huracan sees a power bump and price increase to make room for this. 

Then it becomes a matter of how high can the mid-level car go w/out making the Aventador superfluous. Unless the big dog is knocking on 800hp, how does a 650+ hp Huracan let it exist? And what powerplants are you going to use for these cars? Keep different engines? Use the same one in different states of tune a la McLaren?

Lots to think about here.

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I love that front end styling.


Reminds me of a snake's head for some reason...

And a Ford GT...


Well...the crease part that separates the top of the car and the lower front air dam. Also, those plastic (carbon fibre probably) "teeth" that are at the sides of the air dam opening. I am NOT saying they are the same. I AM saying it REMINDS me off...


Lamborghini maybe on the road to prostitution..whoring out its branding all in the name of volume.

It may be necessary to fend off other brands like McLaren getting too popular by offering choices to the people and to better compete with Ferrari's and Porsche's many models!

Yes Porsche too, even though same parent owner...

ESPECIALLY Porsche. Lambo needs R&D money to stay relevant and if Porsche has 5 models on top of the food chain kicking ass, Lambo needs that too.  See General Motors of the 1950s and 1960s. But they better be  careful that no brand in that parent becomes like GM of the 1970s, 1980s and 1990s...



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