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Chevrolet Bolt Gen 2 in 2025?


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Chevrolet Bolt Gen 2 in 2025?


At the 1 min 25 sec mark, the Bolt discussion begins and they talk about the production of the autonomous BOLT. 

Plenty of other EV info on BMW, MB and Kia plus so much more. 

I have to question the 2025 release of Bolt 2.0 as that would put the current bolt into an 8yr run which in today's society, would be 4yrs past due and very old. I more or less expect a refresh next year with a new version in 2020 as a 2021 model or 2021 as a 2022 model.

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1 hour ago, ocnblu said:

Seems reasonable not to invest in a money loser.  Someone refresh me, just how much per unit is GM losing on this lark?

About $7400 for every Bolt sold!!!


The thing is...GM paid Quebec and Canada 250 million to halt production of the F-Body...because they thought that engineering a new platform and not selling enough units, GM would LOSE MORE than that!!! So...the Camaro and Trans Am went away! 


THIS is the same problem with the Bolt!!!




You see, the F-Body went away because RWD sports car coupes were a thing of the past...

SUVs were fast becoming  already were what people were buying.  And to this day, SUVs are hot. SUVs are killing of sedans...

What does this have to do with the Bolt?

Well...like the F-Body, the Bolt platform only resides to one model. There is no economies of scale. Regardless that Camaro and Firebird sales combine were about what Camaro sales with the ATS are doing today...GM was also bleeding money elsewhere.  Hence the bankruptcy 6-7 years later...

PLUS...there was not much GM could do with JUST a F-Body platform relegated to only sports car status...

The next generation Bolt platform WILL house many many other types of vehicles. And GM predicts that these vehicles WILL sell in enough quantities to actually make a profit...


GM...is NOT a company that is afraid to kill off products and brands...legendary products and brands sometimes...

Corvair, Lasalle, Pontiac, Oldsmobile, Fiero, Caprice/Bel Air/Impala, Camaro, Firebird, Fleetwood and so forth and so forth...

Hell, the Corvette was nearly killed off 3-4 times in the past. As early as not having a C5. Even the C7 barely made it through because of the bankruptcy. 

GM has ALWAYS been about the bottom line...

If GM thinks there is money to be made with EVs, then GM will produce EVs...

If GM thinks EVs will be money losers, then GM will kill EVs...

So...cry all you want about EVs, they are here to stay! 


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That is Tesla.  With the Model S.

Tesla bites off more than it could chew.

It has a Model X that came out a couple of years after (3 years) the Model S.  No 2nd generation announced for that one either.

It has a Model 3 that is barely reaching customers now. No 2nd generation announced for this either. Too soon to annonuce a 2nd gene Model 3?

  Nah...Elon is thinking about Mars and human pneumatic transport systems and underground tunnel highway systems to invest money into Tesla to actually produce 2nd generation Model S. Model X and Model 3... Yet GM has announced a 2nd generation Bolt and the Bolt is barely in its 2nd year of production. With plenty of other vehicle styles that will use that same platform.

Tesla will supposedly produce a Model Y. A smaller "affordable" CUV to compliment the Model 3 like the Model X compliments the Model S. 

Kinda like how GM is announcing a plethora of different style vehicles from the next generation Bolt.  Kinda. Same but different. 

Will there even BE a 2nd generation Model S?  What about a 2nd generation Model X?  To me, these vehicles are fast becoming stale and are approaching their expiration date.

There is however a 2nd generation roadster Tesla with Tesla's newest battery tech. Possibly a new motor too?  Like I said. Same but different. 

And I tried to find a newer article on the Bolt profit thing. That was the most current I could find. I did not try that hard to find a newer article, admittedly.  I figured the message of GM WANTING to go forward with the EV thing and investing money into this program to have a plethora of 100% electric and battery operated vehicles far outweighs how accurate that $7400 figure really is. 

I figured, GM has shown us from its past that whatever GM deems a loser, GM cuts it loose almost immediately. Sometimes too fast.  Therefore, when GM announced that the 2nd generation Bolt is a thing, and many other vehicles will be produced by that same platform because that is how GM will engineer the 2nd generation Bolt, then it does not matter how much money GM is losing or is making a profit with the 1st generation Bolt. 

The important thing here is that GM is committed to engineer a platform that will be 100% electric and that it will have economies of scale to ensure its profitability and its success in the market place. 

Will enough people buy this platform?

GM is betting that people WILL buy into this platform. THAT is why GM will have many types of vehicles propelled by it. To make sure that IT WILL succeed. To have a BROADER audience. 

Only time will tell if this will be a success or a failure.

But, with the amount of Volts and Bolts being sold, which is still significant, is enough for GM to spend billions on a 2nd generation Bolt. 

If Im not mistaken, the Volt is the one to be canceled sometime in the near future, right?  If I am right, I think its because the newest technology of the Bolt 2.0 will make it possible that  Voltec may not be necessary anymore.

GM saw with the 2005 Mustang that retro styled Pony cars DO sell. The GTO WAS a bust because it was NOT retro styled. Hence the Camaro comeback. 

So...GM...when they think they COULD make money selling a vehicle, they WILL sell it! Hence the Bolt 2.0! 

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