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Mitsubishi News: Mitsubishi is Ramping Up Their U.S. Lineup

William Maley

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Mitsubishi is starting to find its footing thanks to the alliance it formed with Nissan towards the end of 2016. The company last year that it plans on "launching 11 new and redesigned models" for the U.S. Two of the models have go on sale this year, the Eclipse Cross and Outlander Plug-In Hybrid. But what about the other nine? Motor Trend has learned some details on a fair number of vehicles in the cards.

  • Outlander: Redesign coming in 2021 and will use the underpinnings of the Nissan Rogue,
  • Outlander Sport: To be redesigned in 2022. Will be based on the platform that is used on the Nissan Rogue Sport and upcoming Kicks.
  • Hybrid/Electric Models: Mitsubishi is planning to offer a plug-in hybrid or pure electric powertrain for all of their models. 
  • Possible Midsize Truck: The number one request of Mitsubishi's U.S. dealers is a midsize truck. Mitsubishi is reportedly studying a truck for the U.S. But for the truck to get approval, it needs to make sense for the alliance to move forward. If approved, the truck would likely be built in the U.S. to avoid the chicken tax.

Source: Motor Trend

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On 5/15/2018 at 8:57 PM, riviera74 said:

When did Nissan and Mitsubishi form their alliance?  As for the midsize truck, it had better be significantly different from whatever Nissan is selling these days.

Sounds like they have had an agreement w/ Renault and Nissan since 2017.   Nissan acquired a controlling interest in Mitsubishi Motors in 2016.


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The impression I got from speaking with Nissan was they were specifically holding off on releasing the redesigned Frontier because it still sells well and pretty close to sticker price.  There are rarely any incentives on that truck.  So, Nissan is amortizing the costs of the existing truck as long as possible. It is currently built in Canton Mississippi.

It would make some decent sense to make a Mitsubishi version of the truck and also build it at Canton.  Give it a mildly unique interior and a front face transplant and it would likely be sufficient for Mitsu at this point.

Even if they just let Mitsu have the current truck with some updated engines (Really Nissan... it's time) while Nissan goes with an all new design built in the same plant. That could work too.  

The Frontier is a solid little hauler and I'd consider one if they'd offer some decent incentives on it. 

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