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First Impressions: 2020 Cadillac CT5: Comments

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13 minutes ago, oldshurst442 said:

Bitchin' about a sedan's lack of trunk space?

I think that complaint should have been front and center 20 years ago when trunk space on sedans were slowly but surely reduced systematically...

1.. by some models becoming bigger than its predecessor but trunk space (and rear leg room) NOT improving

2.  The introduction of coupe style, fast back styling, of the modern sedan but not even offering a hatchback style opening for it ala Tesla Model S or new gen Regal, or European Ford Mondeo/Lincoln MKZ... (or even Cadillac's Escala concept)

3. The explosion of CUVs to replace sedans that sheeple flock to, but in all fairness, the manufactures PUSHING the sheeple towards CUVs...

Lets be honest...

Cadillac sedans that are NOT FWD,  and are RWD are NOT marketed towards trunk space...

Cadillac vehicles that ARE FWD or are of the CUV/SUV  variety are about trunk space.

RWD Cadillac sedans and coupes are geared and marketed (loose term here for Cadillac's marketing effort) more to be of a....fun sporty nature and less about hauling...

The CT6 may have a big trunk, but that is by default as its a longer car...and it doesnt have that fastback, coupe style roofline...

Its more of a traditional sedan body style.

The CT5 and future Cadillac sedans are said to be styled with fastback, lower roofline, coupe styling...

Therefore, Cadillac cars will, going forward,  have shytty trunk space... It shouldnt be such a shocker for us now, and we might as well get used to that idea going forward. 






You make a good point about trunk space over the years but the current CTS appears to have a much larger trunk than the car replacing it. That’s the type of detail that will keep moving folks away from sedans and into CUVs. Much like date night, what would another six inches in the back hurt?

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6 minutes ago, surreal1272 said:

You make a good point about trunk space over the years but the current CTS appears to have a much larger trunk than the car replacing it. That’s the type of detail that will keep moving folks away from sedans and into CUVs. Much like date night, what would another six inches in the back hurt?

Date night...6 inches in the back...would it hurt?   LOL    (took me awhile to get it...) 

I agree with you though!  I dont get it either.

Or at least keep the damned fastback, low roofline styling but make the trunk opening like a hatchback...

The 3rd and 4rth gen F-Bodies had them.

The new gen Regal has it. Cadillac itself featured it in the Escala concept.  GM know that this could be a viable option. But I think GM and other manufacturers systematically WANT sheeple to flock to CUVs...

This is NOT an accident or a lack of foresight on their part for shytty trunk space on sedans...

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1 hour ago, dfelt said:

Was interested to read the details and in the fine print, this warranty is only good on auto's that get certified with less than 124,000 miles and only good up to 124,000 miles for the 2yrs of the warranty. 

That's still pretty good considering the most they can sell a CPO for is 75,000 miles so at a minimum they're getting ~50,000 miles. 

1 hour ago, surreal1272 said:

Why? Why does it matter to you? I just thought the details were important in the context of the entire conversation about quality, reliability, and lease terms that have been discussed here. 

Sorry, it just seemed pretty random to me. 

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6 hours ago, smk4565 said:

The trunk may be small but I don’t know if sales are won or lost on trunk space of a small to mid size sedan.  There are other bigger factors that decide where buyers go.

It certainly will not help and to act like trunk space doesn’t matter is just ignorant IMO. I also never said that is was the most important. That is my point. Good grief. 

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