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Fisker Announces Name of First Vehicle, "Ocean" :Comments

Drew Dowdell

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Today Henrik Fisker announced the name for Fisker's upcoming EV SUV. Called the Ocean, it has been shown in a number of concept studies over the past year.

The concept wears a solar roof to help with charging and retractable door handles. Looking mildly like a Range Rover Evoque, the vehicle is being produced with many recycled materials. Fisker claims this will make the SUV one of the most sustainable vehicle available. 

The starting price is claimed to be around $40,000 and have a range of over 300 miles through its 80 kWh enhanced lithium-ion batteries. Rear-motor, rear drive and dual-motor all wheel drive will be available.  The SUV should hit the market in late 2021, about a year after Tesla's Model Y goes on sales.  Fisker is offering a Tesla-like online-only sales model with "nationwide concierge service". 

Henrik also announced that there will be some big news on November 27th, the day before Thanksgiving, when online reservation become available.  The production ready prototype will be revealed in January 2020.

Fisker has been late in delivering on its promises before, so if you're waiting for one of these, you may be waiting a little longer than planned. 

Fisker Shows First Look at New Electric SUV
Fisker Teasing Us with Electric SUV Concept 

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Ocean...so does that mean it's amphibious? Better seal up those batteries! All kidding aside it looks pretty cool from behind other than the kind of busy bumper area the tail lights look sleek and blend in with the hatches upper body line nicely. 300 mi. range is the sweet spot as well, now if it actually gets that in real world testing we shall see. 

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