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Scion Plans A Major Overhaul Of Its Lineup

Apr 22 2014 01:18 PM | Scion News
Scion has been hamstrung for the past couple of years with an aging lineup. While new models such as the FR-S and updated tC have helped somewhat, Scion's sales have been declining. But the brand is planning to overhaul their lineup starting next year.
Speaking on the sidelines of the New York Auto Show with Automotive News, Scion vice president Doug Murtha said the brand is planning to replace three of its five models starting next year. The first new model will be shown at the LA Auto Show. Murtha didn't give any details about what segment the new model would be in, but did hint at a possible direction.
“From a segment context, Scion has always been about entry compact and subcompact, and th...

Rumorpile: The Changing Of The Guard At Ford

Apr 21 2014 04:05 PM | Ford News
The end of an era appears to be coming very soon. A new report from Bloomberg says Ford CEO Alan Mulally will step down and that Mark Fields, the current Chief Operating Officer will take his place sometime this year. Two sources tell Bloomberg that the move could be announced as early as May 1st. 
The departure of Mulally closes a chapter in Ford's history where he helped bring the company back from the brink of death and made the company very profitable. At the end of 2013, Ford reported a pretax earnings in North America to a record $8.78 billion. The departure also brings some much needed clarity to Ford's leadership structure.
“We take succession planning very seriously and...

Rumorpile: Mercedes-Benz To Show Resurrected Maybach At LA & Guangzhou Auto Shows

Apr 21 2014 10:35 AM | Mercedes Benz News
A new report from Reuters says we'll get our first look at the new Maybach this November at the Los Angeles Auto Show and Guangzhou Motor Show. We've been hearing about the resurrection of the nameplate for the past few months, but weren't sure where it would fit in. Guesses pointed towards super S-Class with such amenities as reclining rear seats and folding tables.
According to Reuters, the new Maybach will be a special version of the S-Class that will be 20 centimeters longer (about 7.8 inches longer) and will be the longest S-Class available till the return of the Pullman model. A source said to Reuters that Maybach will carry a pricetag that is "double the 165,000-euro ($228,000) asking price of its c...

Lexus Unveils The NX Crossover

Apr 21 2014 07:45 AM | William Maley in Lexus News

The hot thing in the automotive marketplace, especially in the luxury car segment is compact crossovers. At the moment, we have the BMW X1 and Buick Encore. Before too long, the Audi Q3 and Mercedes-Benz GLA-Class will be making an appearance. Now anot...

The Curious Case Of The Volkswagen GTD and The U.S.

Apr 19 2014 08:15 AM | William Maley in Volkswagen News

Last year, Volkswagen made an announcement that shocked many of us. The Golf GTD, a GTI with a diesel was slated to come to the U.S. within the next couple years. But news coming out of New York may dash those dreams many of us had.   Volkswagen o...

The Outback Comes To New York.. The Subaru That Is

Apr 17 2014 12:35 PM | William Maley in New York Auto Show

Chicago brought us the 2015 Subaru Legacy and New York brings us the sister vehicle, the 2015 Outback. The fifth-generation model brings forth improved design, a better interior, and more tech.   While the 2015 Outback  2015 Outback reta...

Double Trouble From Dodge: 2015 Charger and Challenger

Apr 16 2014 07:25 PM | William Maley in New York Auto Show

Well someone has spilled the beans and released the 2015 Dodge Charger and Challenger to the world before their official debut at the New York Auto Show tomorrow. Here's the 411 on both models.   First up is the 2015 Charger and has undergone a ma...