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Why did Chevy not have a "Small Block" in 1955? Can you get this and the rest of our Trivia Tuesday questions for April 28th?



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Rumorpile: Mitsubishi Evolution to Reappear As High-Performance Hybrid Crossover

Apr 28 2015 10:35 AM | Mitsubishi News
The Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution will be bowing out at the end of 2015, but the Evolution name could be coming back on a high-performance hybrid crossover if the base model proves to be popular.

Autocar spoke with boss of Mitsubishi, Tetsuro Aikawa who said “In the future, we would like to launch such a vehicle with Evo characteristics. In Japanese, when you pronounce ‘Oh’ [in Evo], it means ‘king’. So we would like to launch this type of car, featuring EV and PHEV technology, which is the ultimate of its kind. ‘EV’ for electric vehicle, ‘O’ for king - Evo.”

The next Evolution is expected to be based on the next-generation ASX crossover (Outlander Sport sold in the U.S.) which is expected to look something like the X...

GAC Goes With The Cheap Car Route for U.S.

Apr 28 2015 08:15 AM | Industry News
One day, a Chinese automaker will finally deliver on their promise of selling vehicles in the U.S. But what will bring customers into the showrooms? Yesterday, we reported on Geely positioning itself maker of affordable, high-tech cars with a new plug-in crossover - due out in 2017 in China, followed by Europe and U.S. Automotive News reports that another Chinese automaker who has dreams of coming to the U.S. is going low prices.

Guangzhou Automobile Group Motor Company (GAC) is planning to be cheaper than its rivals in the U.S. How cheap? Wu Song, general manager of GAC says the 'magic number' is 30 percent cheaper.

"We are confident. It could be popular in the market. Considering the low price, it should be compet...

Review: 2015 Hyundai Genesis 3.8

Apr 28 2015 06:45 AM | Reviews
Being a person who gets the chance to review new vehicles, I have noticed that many of the vehicles that I evaluate are loaded up models. It does put someone like myself in a odd position trying to do a review since I have to try and distill it down to the main items that will be found on the lower tiers as many buyers don’t go for the top models. So whenever I get a mid-level or base trim of a review vehicle, it’s like a breath of fresh air and allows me to focus on the important parts. Case in point is the 2015 Hyundai Genesis which arrived during the Christmas holiday. I wasn’t sure what I was getting, possibly a fully loaded 3.8 V6 model or even the 5.0 V8. But it was the base model 3.8 that was dropped off and I knew it would give m...

Trivia Tuesday, April 28 2015

Apr 27 2015 10:16 PM | Trivia Tuesday

1.) Most windshields are basically “parallelograms”, IE; though there is often a minor arc to a given side, they still present themselves as ‘rectangular’ to the eye. This is the 1954 Kaiser, which shows the feature Kaiser used since 1950; nicknamed t...

Rumorpile: Geely Plans A Push Into Europe and U.S.

Apr 27 2015 11:30 AM | Industry News

Volvo's owner, Geely is planning to enter Europe and U.S. in the coming years. Reuters reports that Geely will building a new crossover based on the Compact Modular Architecture - a platform that Geely and Volvo have been working together. Along with...

Rumorpile: Mercedes-AMG Considers A Panamera Competitor

Apr 27 2015 07:05 AM | Mercedes Benz News

Mercedes-Benz is very jealous of Porsche's Panamera. So much that their performance arm - Mercedes-AMG - wants a competitor of their own. German publication AutoBild reports that Mercedes-AMG is beginning to work on sedan - possibly named GT4. The sed...

Volkswagen Chairman Ferdinand Piech Resigns

Apr 25 2015 02:00 PM | Volkswagen News

Breaking news coming out of Germany today as Volkswagen Chairman and grandson of the company's founder, Ferdinand Piëch announced his resignation after losing a public battle to try an oust Volkswagen's chief executive, Martin Winterkorn. "The members...



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