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House Report Raps NHTSA's Knuckles Over GM Ignition Switch

Sep 16 2014 01:40 PM | Industry News
It was three months ago that General Motors published a scathing report on its handling on the ignition switch problem. Now its National Highway Traffic Safety Administration's turn.

This morning, the House Energy and Commerce Committee released a 44 page report on NHTSA's handling of GM's ignition switch problem. The report was based on the review of millions of pages of records and interviews with key NHTSA officials and found that a series of critical mistakes and “ample information” already on hand meant that the agency should have found the problem sooner.

“Both GM and NHTSA had ample information necessary to identify this defect. It was a failure to process, share and utilize that information within each entit...

GM's Compensation Fund So Far Approves 31 Claims

Sep 15 2014 02:05 PM | GM News
When we last checked in on General Motors' Ignition Switch Compensation Fund, almost 300 claims were filed by families due because they were effected by the ignition switch problem. Now according to the Detroit Free Press, some of the claimants are starting to see settlements.

The Detroit Free Press reports that Compensation Fund Administrator, Kenneth Feinberg has approved nineteen claims made by families who said the ignition switch caused the death of a loved one. This up from the thirteen deaths that General Motors and federal safety regulators have identified.

Feinberg has also approved four claims of those who were seriously injured and eight claims of those who were slightly injured by the ignition switch pro...

Spying: Next Hyundai Equus Makes Its First Appearance

Sep 15 2014 10:25 AM | Hyundai News
At first glance, a new set of spy photos shows what appears to be a Hyundai Genesis sedan that has been stretched. But according to Automobile Magazine, what we are looking at is the next-generation Equus flagship.

The mule appears to be riding on a longer wheelbase. This is hinted by a large piece of sheetmetal riveted behind the rear doors. Also giving some credence that we're looking at the next Equus. Driving along with the mule was a BMW 7-Series.

Not much is known about the next-generation Equus, but Automobile Magazine speculates that the model will share the Genesis' platform and come with the option of all-wheel drive. As for when we'll see the model, 2016 or 2017 seems very likely.

Source: Aut...

Learning The Dark Arts Of Driving A Manual Transmission

Sep 15 2014 06:45 AM | William Maley in Editorials

For the past few years as an automotive writer, I've been keeping something quiet from a lot people. Some, including some of the members of this site know this secret. It's something that I have been slightly embarrassed by for the position that I have...

2015 Chevrolet Corvette Gets Slapped With Two Stop-Sale Notices

Sep 12 2014 01:40 PM | William Maley in Chevrolet News

If you have your heart set on getting a 2015 Chevrolet Corvette, you'll be waiting a bit for the chance. General Motors announced today that it has issued two stop-sale notices that cover 2,800 2015 model year Corvettes. About 2,000 Corvettes have a p...

Quick Drive: 2014 Lexus RX 450h

Sep 11 2014 07:25 AM | William Maley in Quick Drive

Time for a pop quiz everyone. Your question: What was the first luxury crossover that was offered with a hybrid powertrain? Time is up! The answer is the Lexus RX. The first hybrid RX was introduced back 2004 and has gone through a number of revisions...

Luca di Montezemolo Steps Down As Ferrari Chairman

Sep 10 2014 02:15 PM | William Maley in Fiat News

Ferrari's long standing chairman Luca di Montezemolo announced today that he will step down from the company on October 13th. Taking his place for the time being will be Fiat Chrysler Automobiles CEO Sergio Marchionne. Montezemolo has a long and stori...