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Some of this week's quiz questions are tough! Can you answer our Trivia Tuesday questions?


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Trivia Tuesday: January 27, 2015

Jan 27 2015 09:12 AM | Trivia Tuesday
In last week's Trivia Tuesday, we learned some interesting facts about the evolution of the Buick Riviera. The Riviera has an encore in this week's quiz. Can you answer the following trivia? The answers to last weeks Trivia Tuesday are below.

1.) What do the letters IROC stand for?

2.) What was the last year / make of a U.S.-built four-door convertible in regular production?

3.) The Edsel brand is often known as being a marketing failure, yet 3 of it's model names went on to be used by other brands. Name them.

4.) 1999 was the last model year for the Buick Riviera. When did that nameplate first appear at Buick, and what did it denote?

5.) On what make & model car was the "Elimi...

Nissan To Change Focus From Cutting Edge To Volume Stuff

Jan 27 2015 08:15 AM | Nissan News
For awhile, it seem Nissan was going a bit crazy with exciting, performance-focused concepts. Recent examples include the IDx concept, the distinctive electric BladeGlider concept, and the Formula One inspired Infiniti Q50 Eau Rouge concept. Executives at both automakers talked up these concepts and the possibility of them going into production. But now, talk has almost gone to a dead silence.

Automotive News notes that there is a distinctive change in tone at both automakers during the auto show when speaking with executives. Instead of being excited and speaking about these concepts, Nissan's executives talked about putting their efforts behind a core group of cars that sell in high volumes. Cases in point include a major ch...

Mitsubishi and Nissan Midsize Project Hits An Impasse

Jan 26 2015 09:45 AM | Mitsubishi News
Back in late 2013, Mitsubishi announced a new partnership with Nissan to create a new midsize sedan for the North American marketplace. But at the NADA conference this weekend, a Mitsubishi executive says the plan has hit an impasse.

“I told them that the plan has stalled. And I said that’s really all I can tell you at this time,” said Don Swearingen, executive vice president of Mitsubishi Motors North America to Automotive News.

Its unclear whether the sedan part of the partnership or if another part is causing the trouble. Nissan was unable to comment at the time the story went up.

But while the midsize sedan fate is in question, Mitsubishi dealers have a lot of new products to look forward in the next...

Rumorpile: Audi Plans Production Version of TT Offroad Concept

Jan 24 2015 08:15 AM | William Maley in Audi News

We know that Audi is going mad with crossovers considering the U.S. lineup has three at the moment and more are on the way (smaller and bigger crossovers, along with coupe-design models). Car Magazine has learned about one that will fit into the TT lin...

Black Is Back: Chevrolet Introduces Silverado Midnight Edition

Jan 23 2015 02:25 PM | William Maley in Chevrolet Truck News

General Motors is going custom crazy with their trucks. In the past few weeks, the automaker has introduced the Chevrolet Silverado Custom Sport and GMC Canyon Nightfall Edition. Now at the National Automobile Dealers Association Convention & Expo...

2014 Review Wrap-Up: SUVs

Jan 23 2015 08:30 AM | William Maley in Quick Drive

While crossovers haven taken the space that SUVs occupied only a few years ago, a number of automakers are still producing them as there is still an audience for them. One that wants the off-road and towing ability SUVs offer. So come along as we take...

'Too Many Dealers' Claims Cadillac's President, Has Idea To Possibly Fix It

Jan 22 2015 10:45 AM | William Maley in Cadillac News

Cadillac President Johan de Nysschen has a problem with the brand's dealers, specifically how many there are. According to data gathered by Autodata Corp and The Detroit News, Cadillac currently has 928 dealers in the U.S. A large number when compared...