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What the bird is going on with this Thunderbird?! See if you can answer our Trivia Tuesday for Feb 24th.



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Ford's Flex Is Still Kicking Around

Mar 02 2015 08:15 AM | Ford News
The Ford Flex is loved by automotive writers, their owners, and Consumer Reports which recommends the model. But with all of this good news, you would think the Flex would be a big seller. Not at all. Sales in 2014 totaled 1,786 units, a 24.9 percent decrease when compared to 2013 and well behind Ford's other three-row crossover, the Explorer. Automotive News says that the average Flex sales totaled around eight models. Pair this with no hint of a next-generation Flex anywhere, it seems the model will be heading into the sunset.

Possibly not. Automotive News says there are two key reasons for why the Flex is still around.Ford makes a nice profit on every Flex sold.Flex is very popular in California. About a quarter of Flex mod...

The Sunday Column - March 1, 2015

Mar 01 2015 08:15 AM | Opinion
The past couple of weeks at the Cheers & Gears Detroit Garage has been interesting for the past couple of weeks. Last week saw a Fiat 500C Abarth and the week before was a Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution MR. During a conversation with a colleague of mine, the question was asked which car would I feel more comfortable in pushing. The answer I gave surprised him when I said that I would take the 500.

My reasoning for this choice comes down to this; the Lancer Evolution has a lot more exploitation available thanks to computer wizardry and a powerful turbocharged four-cylinder engine. You can corner much faster and go a lot quicker than in many vehicles, which can make you feel like the greatest driver in the world. But that only...

Chrysler Recalls 26k 200 Models For Nine-Speed Transmission Woes

Feb 26 2015 01:45 PM | Chrysler News
Chrysler can't seem to catch a break with their nine-speed automatic. Case in point is a recall for around 26,000 Chrysler 200s equipped with 3.6L V6 and nine-speed because the transmission will not go into park. According to a statement, the problem is due to inconsistent assembly procedures at a supplier's plant. At the time of this writing, five owners have experienced this problem.

Dealers will inspect the transmission and replace if necessary. In the meantime, Chrysler is asking owners to put on the parking brake to prevent their vehicle from rolling back.

Source: Chrysler

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Geneva Motor Show: 2016 Audi R8

Feb 26 2015 09:30 AM | William Maley in Geneva Auto Show

Thanks to a leak showing revealing the next Audi R8 yesterday, Audi has spilled the beans on 2016 R8 before its official debut at Geneva Motor Show next week. The basic shape of the R8 hasn't changed much, just slight tweaks here and there. Measuremen...

Geneva Motor Show: Audi Prologue Avant Concept

Feb 25 2015 02:15 PM | William Maley in Geneva Auto Show

Audi is following up its Prologue concept shown at the LA Auto Show last November with another Prologue - the Prologue Avant concept. The purpose of the Prologue concepts is to give a preview of what Audi has in store with their future designs. The fi...

Consumer Reports Announces Their Latest Automotive Report Card

Feb 24 2015 03:25 PM | William Maley in Industry News

It's that time of year when Consumer Reports announces the results of their brand report cards and for the most part, the results aren't surprising. The top ten were mostly dominated by Japanese automakers with Lexus being on top, followed by Mazda and...

Trivia Tuesday: February 24, 2015

Feb 24 2015 01:43 PM | balthazar in Trivia Tuesday

In our last Trivia Tuesday, we had a car painted with tiger stripes. This time around, we have a Thunderbird with a gigantic hole in its side! Can you answer our Trivia Tuesday questions? The 'Farm-O-Road' utility vehicle was produced by which automak...

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