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  • William Maley
    William Maley

    2019 Buick Regal Avenir Is Putting On the Ritz

      Making for a more luxurious Regal

    Buick is making their Regal Sportback a bit more luxurious with the introduction of a Avenir model for 2019. We first learned about this model thanks to General Motors’ 2019 fleet order guide last week.

    The Avenir transformation on the Regal begins outside with a three-dimensional mesh grille, 19-inch wheels finished in Pearl Nickel, LED headlights, and Avenir badging on the doors. Step inside to find either a ebony or beige design theme with diamond quilt-stitched front seats; embroidered headrests, an 8-inch touchscreen with navigation, 8-speaker Bose audio system, and a wireless charging pad for your smartphone.

    A driver assistance suite of features that includes blind spot monitoring,lane change alert,  rear-cross traffic alert, and rear parking sensors come standard. Adaptive cruise control is standard.

    Buick will only offer one powertrain configuration on the Regal Avenir; the turbocharged 2.0L four-cylinder producing 250 horsepower and 260 pound-feet of torque. This will come paired with a nine-speed automatic and front-wheel drive.

    Pricing hasn't been announced, but we're guessing it will slot between the Essence and GS. The Regal Avenir arrives at Buick dealers this fall.

    Source: Buick

    2019 Regal Avenir Offers Sleek, Versatile Luxury

    • Premium Line Extends to Buick’s Freshest Face

    SARATOGA SPRINGS, NY — With the addition of the Regal Avenir — the fourth Buick globally to get an Avenir trim in less than a year — the momentum behind Buick’s highest expression of luxury continues to grow. Since its introduction last fall, Enclave Avenir has set the pace for Avenir, selling faster than all other Enclave trims and comprising 20 percent of total Enclave sales in the United States. A similar story is unfolding for the new LaCrosse, where Avenir is selling 70 percent faster than other trim levels.

    “Avenir sales have exceeded our expectations,” said Phil Brook, vice president, Buick and GMC Marketing. “Buick customers value the exclusive styling, premium features and convenient experience Avenir provides, and we are excited to extend that successful formula to Regal.”

    Half of all Regal Sportback buyers are choosing the top trim level, and within the midsize car segment demand is growing for more premium vehicles. Over the past four years, demand has risen 30 percent for midsize cars priced from $30,000 to $40,000, reflecting the increasing customer demand for more luxury, convenience and safety without compromising overall value.

    Buick’s first cloud-connected1 Infotainment System debuts on Regal Avenir, enabling embedded apps and enhancing how customers interact with vehicle features such as profiles, available navigation, voice recognition system updates and applications. Owners will now be able to personalize their user preferences and seamlessly take that profile with them into any compatible vehicle.

    “Innovation comes standard with Avenir,” said Chris Hay, Product and Pricing director, Buick and GMC. “It is a place for us to showcase our latest ideas to promote occupant well-being before we roll them out to other vehicles in our portfolio. The Enclave Avenir was the first Buick with Evonik Acrylite exterior lighting, a Rear Camera Mirror and an ionizer, and now Buick’s latest infotainment interface will come standard with the Regal Avenir.”

    Other Avenir-exclusive interior details include a Whisper Beige interior theme with Ebony accents, unique diamond quilt-stitched front seats, embroidered first-row headrests and Avenir-scripted sill plates.

    An Ebony interior theme is also available on Avenir models.

    On the exterior, Regal Avenir’s more dramatic look features the unique Avenir three-dimensional mesh upper grille inspired by our award-winning concept cars. Avenir script badging on the front doors and exclusive 19-inch Pearl Nickel wheels create more visual differentiation and complement the Regal’s timeless design.

    Numerous safety and driver assistance technologies2 available on other Regal Sportback models come standard on Avenir, including Rear Park Assist, Rear Cross Traffic Alert, Lane Change Alert with Side Blind Zone Alert, LED headlamps with auto leveling, cornering lamps and driver side auto-dimming mirrors. Additional active safety technologies, including Adaptive Cruise Control - Advanced, are also available.

    A 250-horsepower 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine producing 260 lb-ft of torque, a nine-speed automatic transmission, ample cargo space with a discreet rear opening and tri-folding 40/20/40 rear seats, wireless charging, navigation and Bose eight-speaker premium audio also come standard on Avenir.

    Pricing will be announced early fall 2018 when Avenirs arrive at dealers.

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    Nice looking car, I like the interior of the car. The exterior, I am just not a fan of all things Bling'd out. Maybe if it was black chrome rather than pearl nickel. Nice but not sure if I would spend the money on this. I am more of a monochromatic buy.

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    I like the wheels, like the grille, love the diamond stitching, hate the Avenir logo on the side. FWD only makes me wonder if Buick may be looking to limit or get rid of AWD on the sportback in the future. BTW, Avenir is French for 'future'. Before I saw these pics i thought i would not like the Avenir package but its interesting. The real question is how much stupid money is GM asking for it. That's where the desire disjoins from reality usually. Stupid ass MSRP no doubt for an interesting grille, wheels, and seat stitching. Will they get rid of the dumbass seats in the GS for 2019? The german Insignia has sweet optional seats that have that certification and nice shape and finishing and they don't have the dumb racetrack seat backs. Sadly, this may be the best updates we get on the Regal until they decide to continue it or not past 2021 or so. They should bring over manufacturing of the Regal here. Fix the console (cupholders beside the shifter) and some other things.

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    "A driver assistance suite of features that includes blind spot monitoring,lane change alert,  rear-cross traffic alert, and rear parking sensors come standard. Adaptive cruise control is standard."

    Big fricking deal.  Hyundais, Toyotas, Ford Fusion has stuff like this standard now.

    ALL Buicks should have blind spot and cross path as standard equipment by now.


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    They got the seats right but the dash is just kinda meh still. 

    The Avenir grille’s mesh works well here. Wheels have a good finish for the paint choice shown here.

    And it swoops in to steal the MKZ Black Label customers. 

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    I looked at the order guide and there are things that just boggle my mind.  Avenir is supposed to be posh, no?  You can't get massaging seats in the Regal Avenir... but you can on the GS.  You can't get ventilated seats in the Avenir.  There is only noise-canceling on Regals with AWD.  It gets some safety equipment that is standard on a Yaris.

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