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Cory is a big boy!


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Ha I love the A&F token black dude

Happy 18th...enjoy it...but please for the love of everything sacred and good don't jump into porn. And if you're talking to a 39 y/o online...ew. Just ew.

Have fun, but make good choices...please? No one here wants you to get hurt.

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*Shakes head at that thing Chris posted*

Thanks, guys. I haven't really been looking forward to this since all my plans fell through, but oddly, I woke up in a surprisingly good mood today. It is snowing out, too. I feel like buying myself something... and no, Chris, not that something.

As for talking to some 39 year old... Haha, no, I'm not. Chris just likes to be ghey. :P

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Awww, no images at work... I'll check when I get home. Like I had to say to two of my students today, Buon Compleanno e Auguri! (Happy Bday and Best Wishes!)

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Thanks to the additional replies. Now my birthday is almost over and I've sat at home all day. Yay. :P



your friends could throw you off... my friends got me for my 25th. They really made me feel like they had absolutely nothing planned, and then WHAM... they really went crazy. Even parked their cars 2 blocks over because they know I'd know their cars just by looking at them. "Can you feed the dog? We're not going to get home in time."

Doing anything special just for yourself?

*Edited for yet again putting my foot in my mouth.

Edited by Paolino
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