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Today on my lunch break I headed out to Wawa (a local convenience store chain) to get a bit of food. I have to pass the Toyota dealer, among others, on the route. They had three Tundras sitting out on the grass along the road. On the way back, I pulled onto the lot, jumped out, and walked around one. In two seconds, a cheery young saleslady appeared and held out her hand. I shook it and we introduced ourselves.

"So, is this the first time you've seen the new Tundras?"



"Not really."


"That thing is ugly!"

(look of shock, but she regained her composure quickly)

"That's the ugliest truck on the market."

"Well, that's one opinion."

And with that, she flung her hair, turned and walked back inside.

I wasn't lying though. Bleh.

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No, I was serious. You played that like a pro. The Toyota dealer near me just got a new red Tundra in. It's a pig.

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Sometimes I like to pretend like I'm not a car buff and go to dealerships just to diss products like this. The last car I did it with was the new CR-V. I went into the dealership saying I was interested in one and when I saw it I said, "THAT'S the NEW one? It looks like it has a toothless grin... I'm not buying that!". I realize it makes little difference to diss these products to dealership staff, but it's still fun.

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:lol: thats awesome ocean..i was riding throught a toyota dealership with an adult friend of mines fiero and when he saw the tundra, and he says gosh dang thats ugly!..and rambled on about how the box doesnt fit that cab and it needs to be recalled to make it fit among a few other things..sure was funny. Edited by Charger4U
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Thats Great. I cant Wait to make fun of some owners of them at the Gas Station, Or Hardware store, or In the woods on some trails. those Commercials are really getting annoying. Also Im glad GM slowed the Our Country ads too.

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