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9-6X spy pics


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Here is the article where the other two pics came from and here is a different pic

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Spyshots: The 9-6x? or the 9-4x?
Djup Strupe II has done it again!!

The following two photos are of a model that may be previewed in Frankfurt (unconfirmed). Upon first glance they appear to be a crossover vehicle so the natural thought is for it to be the 9-6x.

However, a closer look shows that the car is actually a 3-door model. Djup mentions that it's not likely for actual production in this guise, but looks fantastic.

It's reportedly around BMW X3 size, which leads me to think it may be a prototype model for the 9-4x that's been mentioned around the traps, crafted on the Epsilon platform. If so, then this is a very early prototype as the 9-4x isn't scheduled for release until 2009.

So, 9-6x with a tricky body or 9-4x prototype? It's hard to say, but here's hoping they roll this baby onto the stage in Frankfurt next month so we can all get a better look!

The front. Note similar styling to the new 9-5 front.

The rear. Note the twin pipes and similar styling in the rear lights to the Tribeca.

Djup hints that the interior is very roomy and that this 3-door model hasn't received a go-ahead for production. The dash is similar to a 9-3 or 9-7x dash.

Not much more to tell, I'm afraid.

I'm going with this as a tricky-body 9-6x. The cues from the Tribeca are just too strong in the rear for it to be anything else in my humble opinion. The fact thay've built up a 3-door is a big surprise and if this is a model in the balance then can I please add in my 0.02c worth and say "Yes!!"

Your verdict?

UPDATE: thanks to Ken via SC - Channel 4 are reporting in their Frankfurt preview that the 9-6x won't be seen until the Detroit Motor Show in January. Bummer.

Posted by swade at August 26, 2005 11:32 AM

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That actually looks pretty damn good. It should be winner if it carries over the Tribeca's interior. I just hope they use Saab powertrains instead of just using the engines of the donor vehicles (9-2x, 9-7x), I have to say though, I wish Saab would start getting some Saab-exclusive cars.
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Looks good... but GM should just sell SAAB brand & the SAAB plants/HQ to Fuji Heavy instead of continuing joint ventures between the two brands. Their airplane history would compliment each other. It just seems like a natural marriage.
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Appears to be the 9-6x in early prototype form. I see a similar amount of differentiation as with previous Saabaru's. The entire front end sheetmetal is unique, and the rear is slightly modified (bumpers, taillamps, license plate housing). I am not a fan of the B9 at all. While this is a "cleaned up" B9, it still shares its akward proportions and - I assume- inflated price tag. It is sad to see the Saab lineup will now hold majority to slightly reworked Subarus. Let's hope this "stopgap" product line doesn't last...
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Hate the back, love the front!
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