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Idea #2


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This is another idea we've been considering. (Told you I was throwing ideas out tonight)

She might want to keep her Cav, which would require a few bucks, but the car is in good shape, and would be very doable.

She suggest another 4 door Cav (Guess she's hanging around me too much), so we can have 2 4dr family cars again. (since the wagon is gone)

Nutty as the idea sounds, it's not that bad of an idea.

Heck, I already have two-what's another one? :mind-blowing:

They are cheap used (would be looking at 03-05), and by now, I really know my way around them. And I could have it paid off pretty quick.

Could even get a "sporty" one.... :scratchchin:

Many could say...what about a Cobalt? Well, unless I get a higher end one (LT2 or LTZ), the seats will suck.....and my back will hate it. (Can't believe my Cav seats are that much better)

Not sure if I want another Cobalt anyways......

I've even considered a 00+ S-series.....that could work too........

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It's no boat, LH cars handle very well. I don't have the Intrepid skidpad results handy, but the 300M can do .79g (.82g for the Special), 0-60 in 7.8 seconds (7.7 for the Special), 63.6 mph slalom (64.8 for Special) and 60-0 in 136 ft. (118 ft. for Special).

For comparison's sake, MT's compact sport coupe comparison showed the 2003 Cavalier LS do .78g. Takes 8 seconds to get from 0-60, and 130 feet to get from 60-0, and slalom is 60 mph


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It's not quite as cool as DF's uggestion, but how about


I'm sure 04-05 models could be had for just a few dollars more than you'd be paying for a Cavalier. It's a a wagon, and far more refined than any J body.

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MaXX or Focus FTW!

Although the Intrepid is a damn good car. I owned the sister car, a Chrysler Concorde.

Averaged 28-29 MPG, was the cheapest to own of almost all of my cars and perhaps one of the most reliable.

But the Focus has a great chasis. You won't go wrong with the Focus.

Eleventy billion to one, that would be my vote. Or get an older VW TDI, they can be had for reasonable bucks and 45 MPG isn't going to be something to laugh at if gas goes to 5.50 a gallon.


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Another Cavalier should serve quietly and economically for quite a long while, uncle dave. I'd choose one with the Ecotec. For inexpensive transportation, the oft-bullied Cavalier cannot be beat.
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