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OK, now I'm getting nervous

Camino LS6

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Well (no lie) I once saw an 80's Corolla with a plow on it. I'm sure that puts HD pickups to shame. :P

I saw an '78-79 Monte Carlo w/ a plow in Ohio years ago. Dented and rusty, brown as most '78-79s were, plastic front bumper and grille gone w/ the plow attached directly to the frame, apparently.

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From my company's online classifieds:

97 DODGE RAM VAN 3500 EXTENDED – 92.414K mi. a/c, ps, am/fm stereo, free of any major defects, Clean title, gd cond. $2,700 neg. Romi, 287-7664 or gardenromi@aol.com.

I might actually know this person through a friend...

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Thanks for the lead,Z.

But I'm not quite ready to give up on getting a GM truck.

Even an ancient POS, since they are familiar turf for me.

In fact, I may call about that well-worn '87 3/4 ton I posted in the other thread.

Finding just the right truck isn't likley to happen as quickly as I need it to. And everything sort of pales in comparison to the one that I lost by minutes on Friday.

Who knows? Maybe I'll feel differently in the morning, but that's where my head is right now.

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Jeep...think Jeep...Wrangler....you are going into a deep sleep...you will buy a Wrangler...your eyelids are getting heavy...say it after me...Wrangler...Wrangler...Wrangler...


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No Asian makes, at all, ever.

Yeah, I know you guys are kidding - but I have to make sure no one misunderstands. :neenerneener:

So long as you don't hate those of us that do enjoy a few of the Asian cars, we are cool. I don't think anyone expects you to ever have a Hyundai Genesis in your garage...unless you meet a MILF who happens to own one already and decide to shack up.


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You could use it as a plow truck this winter, as a DD after that, and restore it in the future.

I was also digging around Phily's CG to see what T/As are turning up and found this: http://philadelphia.craigslist.org/cto/1491189600.html

I would suggest this, but it's more of a garage queen than a workhorse: http://philadelphia.craigslist.org/ctd/1501349285.html

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That Blazer would be a great project - but a project isn't what I need at the moment.

>>>>Enter Sarcasm mode...

Put a Plow on the JAG!

<<<<<<<Exit sarcasm mode...

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