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Strangest snowstorm I can remember

Camino LS6

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We're not going to get what you will in PA this time...but weird even here. Woke up to white cars & deck outside, drove to work in rainy slushy kinda snow, by 10 it stopped everything and by this afternoon was dry and bright sun randomly came out for an hour or so. It was like the calm after the storm, in the middle of an impending something storm.

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Another sunny day in the Valley of the sun .....in the 70's

No slush, no slop, no crap on the floor mats, no rust on the underside of the car. It really sucks.

Yes, same old, same old. Chance of rain this weekend. Cooler than it was last week (almost 80 then). October through March is when I like Arizona. The rest of the year, not so much.


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Well, the storm ripped some of the decorative wood trim off of the side porch. Several trees in the area are down, so are power lines. Happily none of our trees--the one in front about 10 feet from the house, and the 3 on either side of the driveway where the cars are parked, were damaged. House down the street had its fence blown over. Most of the rivers are at or near flood stage.

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Yeah, the precip we've gotten in the past 6 months or so is nuts. Rivers in South Jersey are getting pretty high.

Reminds me of 1978... 2.5 foot of snow, lots of rain let to a big lake in the backyard. Well, it looks like there is about and acre sized shallow lake now... I'm afraid of what the spring will bring. In 1978, the yard turned into a quagmire.

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