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Spring Cleaning


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Another spring means another weekend whipping out the trusty old Meguiar's clay and wax kit. I spent a good couple hours just getting rid of the little rust fallout spots that accumulated during the winter, and finished it all off with a couple coats of wax.

Post your spiffed up rides if you have them.





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I'm planning on a pretty extensive overhaul and detailing of my Impala I just don't have time for it probably until after Easter just as the byproduct of finals and whatnot coming up fast. I do have to do quite a few things to it though;


1. Touch up scratches on wheels left by Goodyear tire people while installing my new ComforTred tires.

2. Touch up some rock chips on the hood

3. Get rid of the hairline scratches and swirlmarks in the paint

4. Clay + Wax

5. Full interior detailing including steering wheel restorative work

6. Clean stains on headliner


1. Transmission Drop/Drain/Filter (Done)

2. Fuel Air Induction and EGR (Done)

3. Coolant Flush (Done)

4. Brake Fluid Flush (Done)

5. Power Steering Fluid

6. Climate Control System

7. Air Filter (Done)

8. Cabin Air Filter

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Didn't even try to wash my Avalanche this weekend because I knew it was going to pour today & tomorrow, and it is. After the first cleaning, I'm finding I'm a lost less concerned with care of the white than I was darker colors like my Pacific Slate GT...truck is filthy now, but it's so bright you really can't tell much difference until up close.

Clayed soon after I got it, with a first all in one polish to give it some protection & clear bra prep along with Zaino'ing the leather. Will do sealant & re-polish windows and such in the coming week or so, to finish it out for a while.

I think the Camaro is due for some sprucing up too, since December, but not sure who will get suckered into doing it yet...

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I went back outside and took some more pics closer to sunset, which really shows off the deep shine.


Looking good.

I haven't had a chance to clean up any of my cars yet ... soon, though ... I hope.

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