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2011 Hyundai Elantra has arrived...


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After my Friday nighttime shots of the first 2011 Hyundai Elantra to arrive at our dealership, posted here:

...I was down again with my Sonata customer to go over her books (Trailblazer EXT -> '11 Sonata, talk about doubling fuel economy...) yesterday, so I had a few minutes of daylight time with the Elantra.

Wow to the looks, again, and as expected, the paint quality, fits and so forth. It's a Hyundai, and though I've not driven it yet, what a looker for the class. This first one we've received is a Limited with the Nav, meaning fully loaded (even heated rear seats) with a sticker of $22830. In that regard, and size/pricing, it already seems to fit perfectly well under the Sonata which starts in the around $20-21k and is bigger, then can be optioned up in the same way.

I want to drive it, but assume should be very Sonata like, just a smaller and lighter version. Every Sonata customer we've had (a close friend included) has confirmed the mileage rating of that car is not only accurate but conservative, and one would presume the same here.

Very swoopy, very nice detailing, and a comfortable car front and rear. I hopped in the front seat as it was left by the last driver, and was comfortable, not expecting to see as much rear seat room as I did. Where the Cruze I tried out felt closed in/tight on me front & rear (not a tiny car, but the layout felt that way), this car is airier despite being swoopy with the expected high beltline and such.

Speaking of materials and so forth, the styling of the Elantra inside is just as knockout as the outside--if you like the look, and I'm one who does. It has rich character, and pops amongst the sea of "other stuff". The inside isn't filled with rock hard or Bentley soft stuff. There are points on the Cruze dash, for instance, that are softer and even a little richer. But nothing is cheap, either, just a little shiny in spots and solidly assembled. There are different textures and lots of gloss/chrome/silver sections, all which blend well. The Sonata has softer & more matte-finish materials overall, and both are quality, the Elantra is just one step down.

Nav, Bluetooth, upgraded audio, heated seats front AND rear, perforated leather, an airy feel, and the 29/40mpg rating...as long as marketed, this car will sell in droves just like the Sonata. We only received the one so far on Friday afternoon, had it prepped and put out front on display. Hasn't gotten much traffic yet, but also hasn't been marketed or otherwise yet.

I'd presume not the entertaining "BMW'ish" Mazda 3, but more luxurious, spacious and better mileage. Great competitor to the Cruze, but at lower pricepoints with a LOT more stuff, 200% more design flare, better mileage, etc. Waiting to see the first new Focus's, as that one will be interested too. The styling+price+equipment+mpg's will be hard for anything to touch, and should get more converts.

Amazing replacement for the current quality but rental humdrum Elantra. Stay tuned...











And the nighttime shots from the spotters thread, blurry window sticker included...





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cellphone camera? just a tad blurry for daylight pics...?

It was freezing & windy as could be, I could barely hold the door open...shook the iPhone a little when snapping.

I want to see more base models, but again, for what you get and the apparent quality/styling/economy/value of this, it's going to make a strong proposition when marketed well.

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Cruze is lucky it has a nice interior. It has some stiff competition here.

The one metric here that may make me choose an Elantra over a Cruze is simply that the back seat in the Elantra looks and probably is much more commodious than the Cruze. The Cruze really should have at least 2 more inches of room in the back seat and IMO its an epic fail where that is concerned. Cruze headroom is tight to me also, if this has an airier feel it may be the way to go also.

The new Jetta looks like an even more ridiculous joke in comparison to the Cruze, Focus, and this Elantra. Yet it will still have its fans.

29/40? insane, but i hope the tires are not $h!ty tires with that mpg. And i hope the car has some engine, at least it won't have turbo lag.

No doubt Hyundai will bring it with warranty and price.

The only real deal breaker for me here is the silly dumbass center console and stack. But who knows, maybe one could get used to it in time.

This is the sort of car the government wants us all driving soon. Look hard, this will be your next car, and it will probably seem like a luxury car when all is said and done with the economy and fuel regulations.

Hyundai really has their game on. Wow.

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It looks especially upscale from this angle. A much more expressive design than the Cruze. Interior looks nice, are the door and center armrests padded? The doors look like they have padded inserts on them too, is that so?

They're not so much padded, as they have upholstered panels and the softness from that. Regardless.

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