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I knew it! :angry:


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I thought in todays day of technology that we could spell clear and concise sentences. This makes no sense or you were drunk when you tried to type your response. :P

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If there was such a real demand for Pontiac from these so-called 'enthusiasts,' then what's stopping GM from badging a Chevy as a Pontiac?

Or are these the same people who said they'd buy an RWD Pontiac, only to not buy the G8, leave it sitting in the lots and force to GM take a loss on it?

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Pontiac could be a Niche player as a special RWD Limited Production Car for GMC/Buick Dealerships. That would allow them to build a special 10-15K collectors car and make profit on it as long as it was done right.

Limited Production Run of a GTO Goat with the Vertical dual Headlights, opening and closing covers like the one on the 65 Buick Riviera in Road House. Awesome movie. Awesome car he drove.

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Pontiac - Poor People's Porsche.

BMW, at least that was what the GTO and G8 aspired to be. Which were the best cars the brand had had in a looooong time, after years of ugly tarted up FWD models and the hideous plasticky 4th gen Firebird.

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I'm sure bringing up the death of Pontiac Hertz its loyal fans. I mean GM had built quite an Enterprise with the brand. However, with the National Economy tanking and the company being forced to balance its Budget, sacrifices had to me made, especially on brands that didn't make any money. But hey, we'll always remember the Alamo and maybe you'll find a leftover at Avis to relive the glory days of EXCITMENT!!!!!!

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I think he's pointing out that Avis is still lamenting the loss of its best supplier.

So how is his point different than the point Ocnblu makes, since both of them look into the past?

One beats the subject about a dead lion in one era and other one about a lion that became a dead donkey in a different era. The fact is both are dead and neither points are constructive.

now... I do think that GM has the strength again to bring back Pontiac as a true sports car brand.... but the moment they announce an Epsilon platform car, forget it, fold it, go home.

To be clear, that is what I was responding to. Not to what was, but to what can be. I do not have a lion or a donkey in the Big Pontiac Show to be emotional about it. Past - good or bad cannot be changed, but future is always a possibility and can be controlled.

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Gran Sport



Grand National


All worthy, they deserve reverence. I think most of us would love to see a performance revival at Buick. But they were all different flavors from what Pontiac stood for when they were pure, and what Mr. Lutz wanted to return them to. He was well on his way.

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