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Cadillac ATS variants

Drew Dowdell

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Yes, Yes and Yes. I know I have terrible drawing skills but would love to see some of the talent I know is on this site draw some variations of an ATS.

ATS Sedan

ATS Wagon

ATS Coupe

ATS Convertible




Let the drawing begin. :D

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Sounds fantastic. I have no photoshopping skills, but I could easily play a victim and describe what a variant looks like to one of our police sketch artists.

Yeah..I've never dabbled in photoshop. But I'm trying to visualize an ATS Formal sedan w/ a squared off roofline and rear doors, vertical rear window, whitewall tires and wire wheels..maybe w/ carriage roof w/ small rear window.

In the opposite direction, I'd like to see an ATS 4dr coupe-- frameless door glass, sleek CTS coupe style fastback roofline..

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Sorry when you put a bed on a Cadillac car it just becomes a flower car.

Some have said the same thing about a Cadillac wagon, but they're stuck in the 20th Century, too.

Ironically, there have been Cadillac-based wagons made steadily (tho not continually) by coachbuilders since 1941. Theyare a high-priced custom vehicle with a very small market. Nice to have the option, if that's your thing. Cadillac needs to make more specialty, custom-run vehicles. I would put the past CTS-V wagon on that list; well known, sought after, but extremely rare.



Gene Winfield the famed customizer made these for a good while in the 70's and they never caught on.

They were likewise a very expensive, custom-built product with a very unusual demographic; they were never supposed to 'catch on'.

In an era when a Coupe deVille started at $8600, the Mirage was right around $20,000.  

Consensus is 204 units were built over 2 years. That's the same volume (for a much 'weirder' vehicle) that the 2nd gen Eldorado Brougham did.


- - - - -

At circa 182", there's not going to be much of anything cargo-capacity-wise in an ATS wagon. I'm not saying 'don't build one' but 'don't expect many sales'.

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