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Design Competition For Oldsmoboi'S Birthday

Drew Dowdell

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Oldsmoboi's Birthday Challenge


Contest open till December 1st 2009 at 11:59pm

Since I was a kid, I've always felt that Pontiac should have gotten an E-body, but a sportier version. You can see hints of sportiness in the Buick Riviera T-Type and the Oldsmobile Toronado XSC. What I want to see is what a 1979 - 1985 Pontiac E-Body would have looked like had GM produced one. So sketch, draw, or chop me up a car. Any 1979-1985 Eldorado, Toronado, Seville, or Riviera is an eligible base.

I'll be judging the entries myself.

Every entrant will receive a C&G related prize for entering the contest.

The grand prize is a 1:18 scale model 1966 Toronado

The rules:

1. The contest is open to registered Cheers and Gears members with a valid email address and an account in good standing (not suspended for bad behavior).

2. Multiple entries are allowed, but only one prize per entrant.

3. The picture must be posted in this thread using the upload feature.

4. URL links to other websites will not be accepted.

The prize details:

  • Brand new 1:18 scale diecast model of 1966 Oldsmobile Toronado diecast model car by Road Signature.
  • Has steerable wheels.

  • Brand new box.

  • Rubber tires.

  • Made of diecast with some plastic parts.

  • Detailed interior, exterior, engine compartment.

  • Dimensions approximately L-10.5, W-4.25, H-3.25 inches.

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When I went to that GM design show, they had sketches of a personal luxury Grand Prix. It looked like the 1989-1993 Buick Riviera. It became that car. Grand Prix was Pontiac's personal luxury coupe that was sporty. It started out life in the 1960's as a personal luxury car. The mission got changed along the way. They had one. It was a G-Body. It was called Grand Prix Brougham:





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  • 2 weeks later...

I like the name Catalina for it. That black one isn't bad, but it looks like it's based on the stubby '86-'87 Riv or Toronado instead of the '79-'85

Anyone else going to enter or is MDM going to win the 1966 Toronado by default?

Remember, you get at least a C&G related prize just for entering.

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I beg you people, PLEASE submit more entries for this contest... for the love of God! :AH-HA:

Let's see... it would need to have the same formal roofline as the other '79-'85 E-bodies, the same wheelbase, width and general length. But it could have its own sheetmetal from the beltline down, plus its own quarter glass.

A Pontiac version probably would have had some sort of cokebottle bodyside shape, similar maybe to the Buick's undulating shoulder line moreso than the Toro's straight-with curved kickup or the Eldo's straight with squared-off kickup... it would need a FWD version of the nice snowflake wheels, maybe pull-up door handles instead of pushbutton ones... ribbed taillights, a prominent prow... wow, this could be cool. I really like the '79-'85 E bodies, anyway. A Pontiac prolly would have been my favorite, even moreso than the Riv S- and T-Types.

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I'm only saying that because I think a Pontiac version in production would not have been any more unique than the other three were from each other. Formal rooflines were all the rage back then... but you're right, in a dream such as Oldsmoboi's for this thread, anything is possible.

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OK,...the correct model years...THX Drew,...front half versions here, back halves to follow...these are the standard (Catalina) & performance (Bonneville) versions of each model.

More...coming soon. !!....kinda prelims for now. We will see how much detail I can get into it on the final versions !!!!

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& Pontiac Grand Ville, this was a model made in the 70's I think, and the name kinda fits with the concept here IMO.

You have the right idea. Grand Ville was top of the line at Pontiac until 1976 when Bonneville Brougham took that title. Grand Ville was a C-Body with Olds 98, Cadillac Deville, Fleetwood and Buick Electra.


The Pontiac Grand Ville was the top-line luxury car in the division's full-sized line from 1971 to 1975. It displaced the Pontiac Bonneville which had served as Pontiac's flagship since 1957.

The Bonneville itself was never discontinued during this period, but was demoted to an ambiguous mid-line status between the luxurious Grand Ville and lower priced Pontiac Catalina. Nevertheless, the Grand Ville and Bonneville always shared more trim and design elements than either did with the Catalina, and were in fact hard to tell apart. It seems unlikely that most buyers ever fully grasped the difference.

In addition to more luxurious interior trimmings, the Grand Ville used the squared-off roofline of the Oldsmobile 98, Buick Electra and Cadillac DeVille, the premium models of those divisions. There was usually some distinctive chrome up front and taillight trim at rear to set it apart. For 1974 only, the Grand Ville had its own parking lights, which wrapped around the corner of the front fender. The car was usually seen with more deluxe appearance options, such as sport wheels and vinyl tops, than the other full-size Pontiacs. Rear fender skirts were featured on the 1973 to 1975 models.

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Whoa, that greenhouse is way cool. Who knows, maybe they would have spent the money to give the Pontiac version a different rear half of the greenhouse. I also like those wheels.

Your nose, though, is a bit too clearly Toro. I wonder what would happen if you put vertical bars in your signals to match your grille, extend the grille seamlessly into the signals (like the '71 B-body), made your arrowhead just a tad bigger, erased the white cornering lights and just leave an amber marker, and blackout the white stripe in the bumper rubstrips? The sum of those small changes just might be enough, if I may presume to offer a critique in Drew's thread.

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I don't think headlights like that were avail in the early 80s. All the cars I remember had those sealed beam types that were modular.

They weren't. Lincoln had the flush mounts first... '84, IIRC.

Overall, this design is too modern... Unfortunately, modern styling is a Pandora's box that can't be closed when retro-designing cars. As someone who used to draw cars (and was pretty good at it), I can say that it is very difficult to add all the little trim bits and chrome to avoid designing an anachronism.

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Taking ocn's suggestions into consideration (besides the badge, since from what I saw 80's cars had pretty small badges), this is what I got.


Looks better I think. The grill flows better. Overall with this chop I tried to add some modern touches (larger wheels, lowered ride height, etc.) while still making it look of its time. And as always, I tried to make teh chop look as believable and realistic as possible.

If anyone's wondering, I used the name "Silverstone" because its a Grand Prix track name and Pontiac seemed to like naming their cars with race related names (Grand Prix, Le Mans, etc.)

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