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BMW News: BMW Z4 Concept Previews the Next Roadster

William Maley

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Monterey Car Week has become a venue for certain automakers debut their wares, whether that is a concept or production model. BMW used the event to show off the Z4 Concept.

The concept features the cues you would expect on a classic roadster such as the long hood, short rear end, and wheels pushed out to the corners. Little details such as the twin-kidney grilles slightly angled, long vents on the hood, and narrow taillights make for an interesting design. Move inside and things get somewhat weird. BMW's designers decided to go with a two-tone color palette. The driver's side is finished in black while the passenger side is finished in a copper color. The rest of the cabin looks like something you would find in a modern BMW.

“The BMW Concept Z4 expresses the new BMW design language from all perspectives and in all details. From the dynamic- looking front to the striking flanks to the clean-cut tail end: a few lines and the subtle interplay between surfaces are enough to generate a sense of power and emotion,” said Adrian van Hooydonk, Senior Vice President BMW Group Design in a statement.

Expect to see BMW unveiling the production version sometime next year.

Source: BMW
Press Release is on Page 2

The BMW Concept Z4.

  • Freedom on four wheels.

Woodcliff Lake, N.J. – August 17, 2017 … The BMW Group is using the Concours d’Elegance at Pebble Beach to present its exciting new take on a BMW roadster. Dynamic, progressive and an irresistible purveyor of thrills, the BMW Concept Z4 boasts lithe and compact proportions, a dynamic silhouette and an emotionally appealing use of forms. The attention-grabbing design study offers a look ahead to the series-production version of the car set to be unveiled over the course of next year.

After an eighteen year hiatus, the ‘8 Series’ name returns to the BMW portfolio with the BMW Concept 8 Series shown on the Concept Lawn at the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance this year. The BMW Concept 8 Series serves as a preview of a forthcoming BMW model – the new BMW 8 Series Coupe, slated for launch in 2018.

A statement of unbridled driving pleasure.
The sporty and progressive BMW Concept Z4 encapsulates the BMW Group’s vision of a modern roadster. “The BMW Concept Z4 expresses the new BMW design language from all perspectives and in all details. From the dynamic-looking front to the striking flanks to the clean-cut tail end: a few lines and the subtle interplay between surfaces are enough to generate a sense of power and emotion,” adds van Hooydonk.

BMW’s roadster tradition, reloaded.
The BMW Concept Z4 adopts classical roadster design cues, such as a long wheelbase, a low-slung, stretched silhouette and a compact rear end, wraps them in a fresh, confident package and enriches them with the contemporary BMW design language. A shorter bonnet and crisp overhangs ensure the driver sits closer to the centre of the car than in previous BMW roadsters. This gives the new proportions a focused, sporty and agile feel. The outline of the car follows a distinct wedge shape, which fills the BMW Concept Z4 with dynamism before it even pulls away. The large domes stretching out rearwards from the cabin elegantly integrate the function of rollover bars and provide a sporting conclusion to the low-to-the-road silhouette at the rear.

Reimagining the design language and surfaces.
The clearly sculpted shark nose at the front end spawns dramatic surface contouring that extends the full length of the flanks. The new direction taken by BMW’s design language can be seen here in just a few precise lines that form clear surfaces, while the body’s volumes are powerfully sculpted. The surfaces and forms therefore create an extremely modern and emotionally engaging impression. The large Air Breathers rearwards of the front wheels act as the source of the flanks’ elaborately modelled surfaces (they appear to be shaped by the flow of air as it exits the Air Breathers). Light and shaded surfaces develop in a rising movement towards the rear, then twist to form muscular wheel arches and athletic volumes. All of which shines a bright stylistic spotlight on the car’s rear-wheel drive. The dramatic interplay of lines and surfaces underscores the wedge shape of the flanks and infuses them with even greater dynamism. And the low door sills, with their distinctive crease, makes the body appear closer to the road, emphasising the low-slung sensation when viewing the car from the side.

Low and progressive – the front end.
The design of the BMW Concept Z4’s front end is undeniably sporty in nature. The relationship between the low-set, broad kidney grille and the positioning of the headlights higher up sparks deliberate associations with the BMW Z8 and lends the BMW Concept Z4 a certain flamboyance. In place of the customary bars, the inside of the kidney grille features elaborately designed mesh, whose vertical orientation recalls the sporty, functional kidney design of early BMW roadsters such as the BMW 328 Mille Miglia. In a departure from the BMW norm, the Concept Z4 provides a vertical interpretation of the classical four-eyed headlight look, with two overlapping tubes on each side. The turn signal indicators point diagonally towards the kidneys from above and underline the dynamic flair of the front end. And the clamshell bonnet with stylised gill vents curves over the wheels, creating an intriguing and virtually seamless sweep over the front end as a whole. The front apron cuts a genuinely athletic figure with its sculptural design language. Its trio of large air intakes are a nod to the powerful engine further back and so carry the promise of a dynamic driving experience. The large carbon-fibre insert in the central air intakeis straight out of the motor sport playbook and champions the use of detail to emphasise the front end’s dynamic presence. Together, these design elements compose a fresh and memorable face for the Concept Z4 – one which pays a very modern and sporting tribute to the celebrated roadsters of BMW’s past.

Athletic and eye-catching – the rear end.
The design of the BMW Concept Z4 likewise references details and qualities from BMW’s rich roadster tradition and updates them for the years ahead. The wide and low design of the rear picks up the lines of the car’s flanks and massages them into a modern rear of beguiling clarity in terms of surfaces and styling elements. The powerfully flared wheel arches give the car broad haunches, which are emphasised by the slim, L-shaped rear lights and therefore further enhance the car’s sporting stance. Above the rear lights, the boot lid – complete with prominent spoiler – stretches across to the burly wheel arch extensions, sending out a message of power-infused agility. Below, large air outlets in the rear apron create their own dynamic impression. The carbon-fibre diffuser adds a sporty and exclusive flourish and signs off the rear end at its lowest point to the road.

Exterior and interior in unison.
The kinship between the interior and exterior of the BMW Concept Z4 is evident in both forms and colour scheme. The design language of the interior takes the powerful, three-dimensional character of the exterior and adds another voice to the dynamic chorus. Much of the interior adopts the colour of the car body, creating a clear visual link between the interior and exterior. Only a classy chrome trim strip provides separation.

Maximum focus on the driving experience.
At the same time, the interior serves to reinforce the total focus on the driving experience too. The driver’s seat as well as the door trim panels, instrument panel and centre stack that encircle the driver are finished entirely in black, meaning that they stand out prominently from the coordinated orange shades of the exterior and the rest of the interior. Together they form a clearly defined area that wraps around the driver like a capsule, producing a very sporty sensation. This creates a pure-of-purpose driving environment with a pronounced “cone of vision”, where the steering wheel as well as the surrounding black surfaces appear to be surging forward and, in so doing, accentuate the cabin’s powerful driver focus.

The instrument cluster and central information display form a high-quality cluster ofscreens that are integrated into the driver’s cockpit to flawless ergonomic effect. The two displays are now positioned at almost the same height and in close proximity to one another, which gives the impression of a single, cohesive unit. They work together to deliver the right information at the right time. The driver can choose which elements they wish to call up (via touch command) from the content available in the information display–route guidance, playlists or other infotainment features. Above the instrument cluster, the Head-Up Display presents the key driving information within the driver’s direct field of view.

Prominent surfacing.
Emerging from the driver’s side of the cabin is a sporty instrument panel of inherent lightness. The clever arrangement of surfaces and edging breaks up the considerable volumes and engenders the impression of a powerfully chiselled muscle. The clear wraparound design from the doors to the instrument panel enhances the sporty, cocooned feeling in both seats.

In keeping with the focus on the essentials, all the controls are grouped into “function islands”. Nothing distracts from the driving experience. Trim elements inside the cabin are likewise minimalist in nature. Indeed, it is instead the classy materials, carefully applied polished chrome accents and swish, hexagonal laser-cut motifs in the seats that do most to create the interior’s exclusive ambience. Carbon-fibre door sill finishers and embossed asymmetrical logos in the seats and instrument panel set the seal on the interior’s sporting profile.

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Meh, Pass

Yes there will be a market for this car, minor, very little, but a market nonetheless. 

What I see is aging X & Y generation types trying to hold onto their youth as it slips between their fingers.

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Strong Corvette vibe to the profile.. 

12 minutes ago, dfelt said:


What I see is aging X & Y generation types trying to hold onto their youth as it slips between their fingers.

Ouch..less than 3 years from 50, I'm feeling it.. I need a fun car for my 50th. 

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1 minute ago, Cubical-aka-Moltar said:

Strong Corvette vibe to the profile.. 

That is interesting, when I first looked at the pictures, all I see is a rebadge of a Miata.

2 minutes ago, Cubical-aka-Moltar said:

Strong Corvette vibe to the profile.. 

Ouch..less than 3 years from 50, I'm feeling it.. I need a fun car for my 50th. 

That my friend is a Jeep SRT or Trackhawk! :D 8)

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outgoing Z4



next gen Z4



I definitely see the evolutionary design.

And its quite stunning the next gen I must say...but I must say this also that I also see a tad of Pontiac Solstice in there too. The next gen Z4 could also double as a possible next gen Solstice GΧP.

I swear Ive said this before  now that Pontiac is gone...that BMW's styling emulates Pontiac in spirit...the irony being that during Pontiac's last years...Pontiac wanted to emulate BMW...



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I thought Solstice right away from the rear, and there is some Corvette and Jaguar F-type vibe in it too.  I think it looks good overall, but needs more BMW like headlights.  It doesn't really scream BMW.  Cool looking car though, and Mercedes is dropping the SLC so, the Z4 has that space more to itself.

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Not as sleek as the current and future BMW roadsters, Id rather the Z8 by a landslide. And one could easily tell the Z8 is a product from another era from the somewhat tallish rake of the windshield as compared to its younger brothers or the lack of the modern headlamp kits of today with the lack of LED strips and such...


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2 hours ago, Frisky Dingo said:

Looks fantastic. But how will it drive?

knowing what we know about  there not being too many actual car enthusiasts that actually love driving anymore, does it really matter if its just a beautiful car and not much else?

I personally LOVE to troll BMW in that regard about BMW getting away from, for the most part, its Ultimate Driving Machine persona...but globally speaking, I don't think anybody cares about that slogan anymore.

I wouldn't fault them if the next gen Z4 is just but a beautiful face and sexy body.



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