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Genesis News: No N Treatment for Genesis Models

William Maley

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The head of Genesis, Manfred Fitzgerald reiterated that the brand would not be getting N performance models. 

“I don’t think so right now,” he said to Motoring at the unveiling of the G70.

We first reported that Genesis wasn't going to get any N models back in May.

Fitzgerald's reasoning as to why Genesis will not see any N models is interesting, to say the least. He sees electrification as the equalizer on performance, making high-performance variants kind of moot as they might not be faster than the standard models.

“Performance will not be on the same forefront of differentiator as it is today for ICEs [internal combustion engines]. Everybody is capable of doing an electric motor and putting it in a car, so the performance values will almost be the same. Nobody’s going to be interested in ‘A’ or ‘B’, so I think that will come down to a level playing field," said Fitzgerald.

“If you look at the performance value of an electric vehicle today, there are a lot of ICEs that really struggle to keep up with that.” 

The countless videos of Model S sedans smoking performance vehicles on the dragstrip attest to this train of thought. 

But many will argue that outright performance is only one part of high-performance models. There is also the character, handling, and heritage these models have. Fitzgerald acknowledges this, but he sees a change incoming. One where tech and environmental concerns take the spotlight.

“I grew up in that era… that was all right at the that time. I’m just looking forward to the future and I just don’t believe that that will still have the same power and same meaning as it did back then.”

Genesis is working on two dedicated platforms for electric vehicles that are expected to debut in 2021 or 2022.

Source: Motoring

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I can totally agree and see this, we are on the cusp of a revolution in the auto industry and EV's are already faster than ICE and Hybrids with powertrains like the VOLT will also allow companies to have better performing auto's. This makes good management sense.

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Electrification of the automobile is but one more step toward absolutely boring homogenization across the market.  There will be even less to differentiate the brands if they all operate the same.  A sad, sad fact that electrification is the end of the automobile... if it is allowed to take over.  It's like NASCAR, with the common body templates, and nothing but stickers to half-assedly identify the participating brands.  And Tesla proudly builds a purposely faceless vehicle, with the Model 3 being the creepiest conveyance out there.  It SUCKS!

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I don't get it really, why not make performance models that are hybrids?  You can have performance EV's too.  

I think what it really comes down to, is a performance model G70 at $60-70,000 or a G80 N-performance at $85,000 isn't going to sell.  I don't see the Genesis brand as having the bandwidth to get that top dollar price, and they don't really have the hardware readily available to do it either, so that is a lot of money to spend to get there too.

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16 minutes ago, balthazar said:

WTF is an 'N'?
Is this really what the industry has come to- MB has 'A', BMW has 'M', Cadillac has 'V', Jag has 'R' and hyindai has 'N'?
And ocnblu is bemoaning homogenization? Already armpit deep in it, Bill.

It's all about branding.  FCA has SRT, Ford has ST, RS and formerly SVT.  Chevy has SS.   Nissan has Nismo, Toyota has TRD,  Lexus has F, Audi has S and RS...etc.  

Some of these designations have meanings, some may not...SRT stands for Street & Racing Technology,  'M' stood for Motorsport, AMG is the initials of the founders of the independent performance tuning company AMG that was later absorbed by MB, etc.

Maybe 'N' is short for a word that means performance in Korean.  Or not.  I can understand Hyundai jumping on the performance bandwagon and wanting to add some spicy kimchi to their appliances.  I suppose Kia will get in on the act also (though the Stinger seems to be their performance model). 

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14 minutes ago, balthazar said:

Every 'performance arm' doesn't HAVE to be branded with yet another letter of the alphabet, does it?
Just so wretchedly conformist... and in an era of increasingly homogenized vehicles, one of the last chances to stand apart.


Some have 3 letters...some have names.  I suppose using a single letter is an easy way to do it.   I'm surprised no one has done 'Z' yet for a performance line, since nothing goes higher than Z in the alphabet...

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