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Terrain 2017 vs 2018


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14 minutes ago, dfelt said:

Agree with @ccap41 that while I over all like the new Terrain, the headlights are off putting. I just do not dig the lower line of the headlight assembly system.

Yep. It's probably 10X better everywhere but those headlight shapes aren't doing it for me. They're not like the Malibu where they're different but I could deal with and grow to like(like I did. I like the look of the Malibu now but I did not when it first came out). They're just.. not attractive. 

13 minutes ago, Cubical-aka-Moltar said:

The headlights and silly C-pillar design just seem derivative of other marques...the floating roof look is getting dated and boring..such a 2015 Nissan or Lexus styling cue.

LOL  @Drew Dowdell

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4 hours ago, ccap41 said:

I do not enjoy the headlight area on the new one. 


2 hours ago, Drew Dowdell said:

It's fad... just like fender vents were a fad 10 years ago.

can we see a return of the 80's dual style?! :D

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One fad I hope comes back




Ill even take these instead




But Lucid Motors I think, has read my mind (or is it answered my prayers?)



These kinds of things please me.

Small things amuse small minds, I guess!

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38 minutes ago, balthazar said:

Saw an '18 Terrain at the dealer I was at last night. Looks very good IMO.
I was NOT a fan of the '17- way too blocky esp. the fender arches.

See now I prefer the blocky older model before the refresh of the old model.  It was distinctive and although it rides low, it somehow avoids the 9 months pregnant look of the new one.  New one looks like it is trying not to poop its pants with those headlights.  And those high, blind sides, especially at the quarters, turn me off big time.  If you have a new Terrain you may as well drive a windowless van... they have similar visibility levels.

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