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G. David Felt - Staff Writer Alternative Energy - www.cheersandgears.com

Chevrolet JOLT EV



230 mile range, $30,000 dollars after federal tax credit, emission free auto using the latest in fast charging technology, performance of 0 to 60 MPH in 5 seconds, 140 MPH top speed with 422 lb. / FT of torque, Androidauto and Apple CarPlay with a 10.2 inch diagonal display, intelligent driving system with radar and camera based systems surrounding the auto. Complete smartphone connectivity.

Is it Sexy? Would you want to drive it today? Does it fuel the automotive passion that makes you want to buy it now?

Check out the website and play with the configurator for your favorite color.


Then decide how real you want it to be.

Chevrolet Jolt EV web site

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1 hour ago, Drew Dowdell said:

because its fake

True, it is fake but then it is also the ultimate marketing strategy to see what the public says and what GM's response would be too it. Interesting the stories that have been written up on this and the interview with the marketing creator.






1 hour ago, ccap41 said:

Because nobody likes it, lol. I wouldn't buy that.. Numbers:looks:size ratio isn't there for me. 

We'll I get you would not buy it, yet with that said, it is interesting to see the amount of tweets by people that say they would like it.

Makes me wonder how hard it would be to take the Chevy Bolt platform and put a car body on it?

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Ive seen this before.

Cadillac ELR revisited?



Chevy and GM just best leave the EV coupes alone and concentrate on giving the people an EV they actually want, need and desire.

And they dont need an online website/survey to "gather data" either!

All they have to do is see how many Tesla Model 3s are on pre-order and just copy THAT formula...



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4 hours ago, ccap41 said:

I would not consider it an "ultimate marketing strategy" because it's what every auto maker does with their concept cars at shows. It's good, but not ultimate or ground breaking. 

I understand what you are saying, look at it from the marketing angle. A web site that allows people to play with a concept as if it is real and asks you to join the mailing list to show your interest and support.

Allows an OEM to gauge if there is enough interest to move forward with a real concept.

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Isn't that the car at Test Track in Epcot?  But you couldn't sell a 220 mile EV for $30k, with that kind of horsepower.  That is like saying we'll have a V8 Camaro, 450 hp, for $28,990.  Not happening.  

What Chevy needs is a Cruze size EV sedan, 200 hp, 200 mile range, $32,000.  Now you are selling cars.

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5 hours ago, Cubical-aka-Moltar said:

That yellow coupe concept pic looks like one of the coupe concepts from Chevy from about 5 years ago... there were two, and they had random alphanumeric names...

Yes, this was part of the 140 coupes they created I believe.

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