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e39 M5 Vs Chevy SS


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MotorWeek tested the e39 M5 and said it was the greatest sport sedan of all time. I think that statement still stands in terms of the model's impact, even though faster cars have come since then.I remember reading in European Car magazine about the magazine's guy boiling tire smoke off the tires and 400 hp, which seemed a lot back then.:D
Ignition think the Chevy SS has finally surpassed the e39 M5.
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One of the few Bimmers I love.  I really really love this car!!!

But...under the hood of a Chevy SS  lies an LS engine. 

Image result for 2014 chevy ss engine

One of my favorites of V8 engines during these modern times....No need to do an LS swap on it as it already adorns one...

Unlike what these poor bastards did to their E39 Bimmers...

Image result for e39 lsx

Image result for bmw e39 ls swap


Plus I get magnetic shocks and stuff with a very nice luxurious interior worthy of a high end Bimmer anyway with the Chevy SS...

So...If Im to choose, Id choose the Chevy SS.

Image result for 2017 chevy super sport

Or...maybe Id do a Pontiac G8 Firehawk instead.

Image result for g8 firehawk



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2 hours ago, ccap41 said:

I just never found that generation of BMWs to be very attractive. 


That generation of Bimmers has GOT to be the nicest...its when they had their A-game in style and in mojo. 

I dont wanna know what generation of Bimmers you find nice as I probably would want to puke as soon as you reveal  to me what those are. 

I could handle a couple of 1980s Bimmers.  There are plenty from the 1990s that I like.

But Bimmers from the 1970s  and Bimmers from 2000s-2017....NO THANK-YOU!!!   (M6 Grand Sport has got to be the sole exemption) (maybe another model that Im certainly forgetting...ah yes...the 1M of a couple of years back and the M2 that followed it) 

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I'd imagine when the Chevy SS is 17 years old it will either be rusted out in a junk yard or also costing a fortune to maintain.  

I've driven the E39 540i, really good driving car, but it was years ago.   I don't think the E39 would make a good daily driver being near 20 years old now, but if it could be somewhat of a collectible or weekend type car.

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