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Cadillac Introduces Limited-Edition XT5 Sport Package


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10 hours ago, regfootball said:

Since when does a 'sport package' include 'side assist steps'

Cadillac Introduces Limited-Edition XT5 Sport Package

Where's the hopped up motor?


This is no different than the appearance packages that BMW and MB have on all their auto's. Not actually meant to be a true performance auto, just look like one.

I bet we know plenty of people that want the look but could care less about the actual performance.

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6 hours ago, Robert Hall said:

With 20 inch wheels/tires, it sits higher. And statistically, women are shorter, so...

technically, compared to a standard XT5, the wheel size shouldn't raise the vehicle. Or do you mean with it being a crossover it just naturally sits high...because the whole idea with crossovers is that they are at 'slide in' or 'step in' height. Not 'step up' height like trucks. Also, 'sport' vehicles, the connotation is that they typically have 'lowered' suspension compared to plain jane variants. (sorry I just offended Janes out there). I am just being snarky about the idea of possibly a 'lowered' vehicle, but now you are having to 'step up'. And also at least when i was in the car biz the stigma was you put step bars on vehicles for old folks.

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Crossovers usually sit higher than cars, and I would think 20 inch wheels/tires are taller than the standard wheels/tires (not sure what the standard size are). And step bars are a common add on with SUVs, and Isee some people putting them on CUVs also...

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2 minutes ago, balthazar said:

No different than when mercedes owners go on Amazon to buy a bunch of adhesive-backed 'AMG' emblems & Buick VentiPorts to stick on their c300. People like appearance packages.

Well, this is at least a real factory appearance package, not DIY silliness...

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Depending on the car, but Im one of these guys that likes sporty exterior enhancememts...especially on my FWD dreams..(I miss them dearly actually)

Related image

Related image

Therefore, forme, a little exterior sporty enhancememt is welcomed. I see nothing wrong with it.

And If the boyracer looks also comes with the goods, even better!!! (mind you, the Turbo GP was not too shabby in the performance department back in the day...not an AMG Hammer, but respectable..)

Image result for cadillac cts v

AMG Hammer also got the boyracer styling too. Brings a smile to my face!

Image result for amg hammer

Back to the XT5

Image result for 2019 cadillac xt5 sport appearance package

Its just a subtleappearance package that is tastefully done. What seems to be the problem? Maybe wanting a V Series version?

OK...fair enough. But how would you like that appearance though? Boyracer like the ATS-V and CTS-V or understated?

Because Id understand a lot more if the complaining was for the boyracer looks of Cadillacs V Series cars...

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Lexus has an F-sport package on the RX and it is the same thing, a lame wheel and badge package. Call it appearance package or something, because it adds no sportiness. Although most actual sports cars or performance cars don't put "spot" in the name, that is more reserved for family sedans or Ford Edges.

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