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    Chevrolet's Code 130R packs big muscle into a small package

    If you're a fan of rear-wheel drive GM muscle, then this year's Detroit Auto Show should give you a decent reason to rejoyce. Photos of the new Chevrolet Code 130R concept have recently begun to hit the internet and, so far, the small, rear-drive Chevy coupe is shaping up to be an interesting proposition.

    The Code 130R is one of two new Chevrolet concept vehicles GM is rolling out for Detroit. With its blistered fenders and square-shouldered roofline, the styling can definitely evoke strong images of the classic 1970 through 1972 Chevelle muscle cars. However, unlike the classic Chevelle, GM says the Code 130R could be capable of up to 40 mpg if it were to go into production thanks in part to its 1.4L turbocharged four-cylinder engine augmented by eAssist technology and linked up to a six-speed manual transmission. The Code 130R is also signficantly smaller as well -- photos suggest that this would be somewhere close to the current BMW 1-Series in size. Depsite its small stature, the Code 130R still has room for four people.

    GM also says that if the Code 130R were to go into production it would carry a price tag somewhere in the ballpark of $25,000. If so, the Subaru BRZ and Scion FR-S may have something to worry about. Now, about that name ...

    Click over to page two to read the press release and view the gallery here.

    Here's a Concept: Chevrolet Puts Next-Gen Buyers in Charge

    Two concept coupes designed to inspire ideas and create discussion

    DETROIT – Chevrolet today introduced two concept coupes at the 2012 North American International Auto Show aimed at inspiring next-generation buyers to take the wheel and suggest ideas for a car they can co-create.

    "Chevrolet has always stood for making the aspirational attainable for all generations" said General Motors North America President Mark Reuss. "These two concepts interpret that vision for a new generation. We're seeking out our newest customers' opinions, listening to their advice, and engaging them in new ways."

    According to U.S. Census data, there are 80 million American consumers approaching 30. They represent 40 percent of today's potential car-buying public and a combined $1 trillion in purchasing power.

    Over the past year, Chevrolet has conversed with young consumers across the United States. Based on their feedback, the Chevrolet concepts explore the styling and functionality this group of new buyers says they are looking for in a car.

    Code 130R, the first Chevrolet concept, is a four-seat coupe with a simple upright profile. Painted in an all-new red metallic paint with matte anodized gold wheels, Code 130R features heritage performance-inspired styling and rear-wheel drive. With an aggressive front fascia, Chevrolet fender flares, straight body side and Chevy crossflag emblem, Code 130R makes a link to Chevrolet's performance heritage.

    Code 130R's designers conceived the turbocharged engine to be tuned to work in tandem with eAssist technology. By shutting off the engine at stops, recapturing braking energy, and smoothing torque during acceleration, this concept takes automotive electrification to the next level and balances turbocharged performance with fuel economy.

    Tru 140S, the second Chevrolet concept is a front-wheel-drive, "affordable exotic" four-seat sporty coupe. The three-door hatchback was designed to be an attractive-yet-affordable sports car. Shown in an all-new matte white with Chevy performance chrome wheels featuring crossflag emblems, Tru 140S is designed to look confident, exotic, expensive and fast. Tru 140S is based off the same platform as the Chevrolet Cruze and the groundbreaking Chevrolet Volt electric vehicle with extended range.

    Tru 140S designers want to demonstrate technologies typically found in more expensive cars, including direct injection and a starter-based stop-start technology, balancing internal combustion and electrification to deliver high value and improved fuel economy.

    The concepts share attributes younger buyers say they value:

    Sedan-sized functionality in performance coupe form that seats four passengers

    Interior connectivity and convenience featuring innovative storage, WiFi, smart phone integration with Chevrolet MyLink and heads-up display

    40 MPG with a 1.4L Turbo Ecotec engine with approximately 150 horsepower

    Possible production price range in the low $20,000s

    "Young customers tell us they want functionality with coupe-like aesthetics. Both the Code and Tru body styles resonated with this audience," said Frank Saucedo, director of the GM North America Advanced Design studio in Los Angeles where the two concepts were developed.

    Inside the concepts, connectivity and personalization enable the individualization that the generation says is essential.

    "This buyer prizes connectivity. Allowing them to stay connected by integrating their personal devices through MyLink and WiFi enabling the vehicle to be their own docking station," said Saucedo. "The interiors currently exist in 2D only. This allows us the flexibility to continue the discussion and encourage more dialogue as we continue to develop these concepts."

    From Detroit, the pair of Chevrolet concepts will travel to major auto shows, key lifestyle events, one-on-one experiences and other venues such as college campuses. Chevrolet also will engage customers using the social media tools that young consumers use to talk with one another.

    "For the car company that can successfully engage this generation, there is a tremendous opportunity," said John McFarland, senior manager for Chevrolet Global Marketing, who heads youth research for the brand. "At Chevrolet, we want to build authentic and meaningful relationships with these customers on their terms. We want to hear what they have to say, engage them in our design process, and give them what they want – not what we think they want."

    * * *

    Founded in 1911 in Detroit, Chevrolet is now one of the world's largest car brands, doing business in more than 140 countries and selling more than 4 million cars and trucks a year. Chevrolet provides customers with fuel-efficient vehicles that feature spirited performance, expressive design, and high quality. More information on Chevrolet models can be found at www.chevrolet.com.



    Model: Chevrolet Code 130R Concept Coupe

    Body style / driveline: four-passenger coupe, rear-wheel drive

    EPA vehicle class: compact car


    1.4L Ecotec turbocharged DOHC I-4 w/ eAssist

    Displacement (cu. in. / cc): 83 / 1364

    Bore and stroke (in. / mm): 2.85 x 3.25 / 72.5 x 82.6

    Block material: cast iron

    Cylinder head material: cast aluminum

    Valvetrain: overhead camshafts, four valves per cylinder, continuously variable valve timing

    Ignition system: individual coil on plug

    Fuel delivery: sequential multi-port fuel injectors with electronic throttle control

    Compression ratio: 9.5:1

    Horsepower (hp / kW): 150 / 110

    Torque (lb.-ft. / Nm): 148 / 200

    Recommended fuel: regular unleaded

    Max engine speed (rpm): 6500

    Emissions controls: close-coupled and underfloor catalytic converters; Quick-Sync 58x ignition system; returnless fuel rail; fast light-off O2 sensor

    Estimated fuel economy (hwy): 40


    6-speed automatic

    6-speed manual


    Wheels: 20-inch matte gold

    Tires: P245/40R20



    Wheelbase (in / mm): 109.3 / 2775

    Overall length (in / mm): 173.1 / 4396

    Overall width (in / mm): 71.5 / 1816

    Overall height (in / mm): 54.7 / 1390

    Track (in / mm):

    front: 60.4 / 1535

    rear: 61.8 / 1569


    Seating capacity (front / rear): 2 / 2

    Headroom (in / mm):

    front: 30.7 / 780

    rear: 33.1 / 841

    Note: Information shown is current at time of publication.

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    Not bad, I don't care for how upright the rear roof line is, and it looks like something I've seen before, can't quite put my finger on it though.

    Nevertheless there's certainly room for a small RWD slotted below the Camaro to compete with the FR-S, BRZ, and to a less extent the Genesis Coupe.

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    Nice to see an upright roofline in an era when so many cars are fastbacks w/ 6 inch long decklids. The proportions (not the detailing) remind me a lot of the 1-series. Build it, call it the Vega or Baretta.

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    I can't help but think of this:


    and I want it badly. Like this spring.

    On another site I saw a rumor that Chevy was looking at reviving the Nova name...wonder if the 130R could become a new Nova.

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    And I like that, in making this, that they shied away from the trend of having headlights that go all the way up the fenders. It has a very classic look, but fits right in with the current Chevy showroom. Please make this....now!

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    I was thinking this is 6th Gen Camaro design language too... I've always had the thought that the next gen Camaro would take after the '70-73 Camaro as the current 5th Gen takes after the '67-69. It's not too much of a stretch for me to see (split grille, small wide-set headlights/taillights, duck wing spoiler)



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    That is the most mixed up bunch of awkward styling I have seen since the 3000GT and the 1st gen LX Charger.

    Like the 140S, Chevy has to come up with a better grill setup.

    I like the concept, including the quasi-notchback roofline. But GM seems to have lost the ability to make a good looking coupe door cut. The front and rear look like a lot of the same ole' same ole' for Chevy concepts.

    If both are based on Alpha, as I understand, GM is only going to be able to build one, which is a real shame. Ideally, the 130R could make a new Nova (with a LOT of styling help), but the 140S should have been offered as a Pontiac.

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    Not feeling. I hope it is better when I see it in person.

    Just not much flow to the styling in the photo's It might look better in person.

    As for this being a Camaro. Maybe under the skin but not in this body. This would have to be a different name and car than the Camaro. We will see this chassis but we will get a different body will be my guess and it will be a Camaro. The tail could be a future Camaro styling element.

    So far the guys at work all are not really thrilled with the styling but are excited with the drivetrain.

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    Not feeling. I hope it is better when I see it in person.

    Just not much flow to the styling in the photo's It might look better in person.

    As for this being a Camaro. Maybe under the skin but not in this body. This would have to be a different name and car than the Camaro. We will see this chassis but we will get a different body will be my guess and it will be a Camaro. The tail could be a future Camaro styling element.

    So far the guys at work all are not really thrilled with the styling but are excited with the drivetrain.

    I agree that Camaro will never use a body like this car.

    Seems to me it all depends on when the new Camaro comes as I don't see Chevy offering two coupes on Alpha.

    Not that I'd object, mind you.

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    I could see the next Camaro having this platform and wheelbase, but would it be this small (thought I read this concept was about 175 inches long)...that would be quite a downsizing from the current model's reasonable size.

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