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epII laX


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I would guess some form of the 3.6 (either the HO in the Lambdas or a DI version). However, they may surprise us with something like the 2.8 turbo in the GTC concept. I don't think the engine bay is big enough for a V8, but a turbo V6 would be a better solution anyway for that type of car.

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Same drivetrain as the Aura, I assume? I wonder how they will differentiate this car from the Aura...

It won't be hard... Aura is on EPS I - LAX will be on EPS II.

The automatic assumption that powertrains will be identical may be misleading.

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I honestly wouldn't be offended if they kept the 3800 as the base engine, but I'm betting they will not. Definately 3.6, maybe 3.5 as a base engine?

There won't be a 3800... dead after the small production of them in 2008. My guess and hope is that the 3.6 will be standard, since they're starting to throw them in everything and want to have Buick as a premium brand.
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CX / CXL 2.8HF


Super 3.6HFDI

all with 6-speeds. It's the simplest lineup that still keeps thing interesting.

Where's the "I'm with stupid!" sign? :AH-HA_wink:

I'm in complete agreement of that lineup.

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Everyone knows they are going to use the new 6VPC SOHC Inline 9 that is half of the 6VPC SOHC V18 that Cadillac will use in the next XLR witch will be based on the GMT900 platform!---Comeon PEOPLE we all KNOW THIS!!

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