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Dodge Ram Interstate Edition

Delta Force79

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Hilarious looking..I wonder what a 'licensed bailment pool converter' is?

BAILMENT POOL- A "pool" of vehicles ordered by a commercial or RV upfitter as an additional source for dealers to order "Road Ready" completed vehicles. Should be viewed by dealers as an extension of their inventory. Bailment Pool is a term used by Ford and General Motors only.

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having personal experence wit the ram and the mega cab, you better hope your trailer has a non-existant goose-neck or else you wont be able to turn in the truck. Mega cabs are USELESS for towing large trailers because of it. and 22,000 is its GCVW which means you can tow around a 12,000 lb trailer with it cause the truck weighs about 10 grand with all that crap on it.

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Cool, but the body color windows are gross, make them 90% tint or just black them out.

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you set yourself up for a very insulting punchline. you may want to retract that one before someone takes advantage of it.


Seeing as that you're all my e-friends... I can take it as much as I can dish it out.

That said.... I have always stated, "The size of the tailpipe is inversely proportional to the size of the penis". This is especially true in Civics and trucks.

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Pointless, overtly arrogant-looking, and something no sane person would consider doing to their own truck. But since it's a manufacturer that's doing it, and it's made in the U.S., it'll sell like flap-jacks and bullets.

It's being produced for Dodge dealerships by an aftermarket company, not DCX:

Created by Performance West Group....

It is now available from Dodge dealers nationwide and is being produced by a licensed bailment pool converter.

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