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Last gen. Cadillac Deville Flower Car.

It flew past me on Memorial Drive, too fast to even make a grab for the camera.

It was black, natrually & has a rolled back toneau cover on the back that looked

like a convertible top on a 1980s VW Cabriolet. Very nice clean conversion.

Much less exciting, a brand new Rolls Royce on Rt. 495

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They're pretty cool, esp. becuase they're hardtops. :P

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Six really awful mid-90s Town Cars. Picture faded paints, missing chrome trim, rotted vinyl/cloth roofs, jacked-up (literally) air suspensions, deteriorated gold anodizing, and half of them with burned-out piston rings and you get the drift. I really wish someone would get these off the roads.

Oh, and someone redneck blew up a Datsun Maxima just like Sixty8's - and, yes, it was a redneck evidenced by the Southern By The Grace of God bumper sticker. God, it was so funny. First, he challenged a 25th anniversary Trans Am (yeah, right), then he challenged me (like I'd bother), then he was apparently racing a Supra when you heard a loud backfire and saw thick black smoke pouring out of what was left of the exhaust and under the hood.

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'64-65 Mustang coupe

'63 Chrysler 4-dr hardtop

(2) '68-72 Novas

But here's the monster, and I swear I'm not making this up.

Saw a brand new tundra tonight (the 1st I've seen), less than a mile from the toyota dealer, on the onramp to U.S. Route 1.... sitting with it's flashers on and a growing line of traffic behind it, lead by a tractor-trailer that could not pass him.


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That sucks, 1st gen. Maximas are nearly non-existant up here.

I love the damn things. Inline Six mounted north-south just

as God intended, a 5-speed manual & of course, RWD.


I hope it was mechanical but it could have just been a dumb

salesman who ran it out of gas, it happens at every dealership

from time tio time. Every time a salesman at Chevrolet of

Lowell got intom a vehicle with low gas they'd be like:

"eh.. it's fine... there's always a bit left in the tank"

Well, not if the last three people before you also thought

the same thing, jackass.

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Some of this is carryover from the end of March

  • A blue Tundra (total seen is now 4)
  • A white Silverado extended cab
  • A blue Sliverado regular cab with no bed and (get this) the front fascia and grill ripped off it...
  • A white Rolls Royce Phantom super stretch limo
  • A few Auras, including a gold one
  • A few Sebrings
  • A LOT of new Altimas in all kinds of colors (from green to black to white to gray to sliver)...I sware in the short time this car has been out I see more of these than Camrys...do you guys see this many?
  • A black Ram Megacab
  • A blue Compass
  • More Calibers
  • A white Dodge Durango limited (I think the refresh has made them very handsome)
  • A black Escalade XUT
  • A sliver S-Class
  • A white Escalde ESV (first one of those I've seen)
  • A dark blue Tahoe
  • A red Nissan Versa, and a white Versa with an unpainted bumper
  • A late 60's Firebird
  • And finally...an early 90's F-series...with the front end, windshield, dashboard (basically complete A-pillar forward) and NOTHING behind that...not even a frame...I should get pics.
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No seriously, I'm seeing quite a few Acadias, I saw a dude with a Cobalt 2.4 SS--with a supercharger! in a supermarket parking lot, nd I got to drive in a nearly-mint condition '91 Camaro RS with a 305, white on red, t-tops, 4-speed autobox, that my little brother was about to buy, but chickened out of the very next day. (YOU IDIOT!)

and...get this...

I have yet to see a Tundra in the wild. Nope. Not one.

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1959 Buick LeSabre

1984 Datsun 810 Maxima

1984 Datsun 810 Maxima

1997 Infiniti Q45

1997 Cadillac STS (partially dissasembled)

1964 Oldsmobile Super 88

1974 Lincoln Continental Limousine

1987 Volvo 240 DL sedan

2005 Chrysler PT-Cruiser

1986 Jeep Comanche

All ten were spotted today in my driveway. The first five belong to me. :P

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Finally got to see my cousin's Tiburon. If you hate the previous generation, you might not want to look. If you hate riced Tiburons, you might not want to look. If you hate both... you definitely want to get the hell out of this thread. Haha. :D

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

I hope it gets Jeremy Clarkson gets his hands on it and blows the living hell out of it. It's a hideous car, and riced out it's even worse...I like the current Tiburon a lot...not those ugly crap boxes :P

Let's see...

2 new Escapes, 1 red 1 blue

a Silver Edge (now I've seen 4 total)

a black MKX (first one)

a dark blue Porsche 911

a dark blue Porsche Boxter

a lighter blue Porsche Cayman

a black Acura RL

a Sliver current gen Q45...the only one I have ever seen

5 Sliverados...2 gray, 1 blue, 2 white (one with lots of stickers)

a black Acadia

3 more Sebrings; 1 blue 2 silver

a couple Camries

a red Altima

2 Wrangler Unlimiteds, 1 with the hard top, 1 without...both green

a green Wrangler (must be a popular color...I like it too)

a white Chrysler Aspen Limited...with the 20's

a blue GTO with the sports appearance package

a riced out Eclipse in an awesome dark purple/blue color and tasteful wheels but a huge wing and a snow plow for a front fascia

a riced out Civic with giant dual "hood scoops"

a light blue late 60's GTO for sale

a 1959 Buick LeSabre

1984 Datsun 810 Maxima

1984 Datsun 810 Maxima

1964 Oldsmobile Super 88

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