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I'd like an interior color choice other than gray. I like the interior design, esp. the asymmetry and the way the center stack and IP are tied together, not unlike past BMWs. It's nice to see a dash done that way when most today go for the symmetrical approach. I like the lines and proportions of the exterior...I esp. like how Audi is moving away from traditional FWD proportions and going for more RWD-like proportioning.

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Gorgeous... very cool.

and YES, it would be much cooler and classier with a MB-CLK style pillarless greenhouse. :angry:

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Well since it's a German car I have only one thing to say. Glückwünsche! :smilewide:

Danke. :D

...and Danke to everyone else as well :)

Intense! A real looker. And I love that you got a manual transmission.

You know I know how to handle a stick... :P

B-Pllarzzz T3H cork soakers.

Very good solid piece of machinery. Did you get the premium package and navigation package? Do you have the BO audio system too?

Yep pretty well loaded:

-Premium package

-Tech package

-Nav package

-Drive Select

-S Line sport package

-Bang & Olufsen sound

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Your insurance company will want the most cost-effective repair, and if it is done at a shop that has a direct repair contract with your insurance company, that's how the shop will write it... to repair that red bumper cover. If you want a new bumper cover, you might be paying the difference yourself. If that's OK with you, then cool. The damage, according to your photos, is miniscule compared to the cost of a brand new (paint to match) bumper cover from Audi.
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