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Funny story....

A Horse With No Name

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...so I'm talking to a guy I know who runs a MINI Cooper S and was at a track day at Nelson Ledges, which is up by Cleveland.

Anyhow, kid in an Acura Integra comes up to him before the open track event and says in broken english "you...very old man...you fat...have very...very slow car...you see me...you get the phuc out of my way...you hear old man..."

About ten laps into the session the MINI driver laps the modified Integra. About antoehr 7 laps and the MIMI laps the Integra again. After 5 more laps, the MINI passes the Integra to lap it a third time.

After the hot lapping session the guy I know goes up to the kid and says, in mock broken english...

"What's wrong with your car...is it brokee?"

Kid was PISSED!


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I don't want to completely generalize because one of my co-workers (cool guy) drives one, plus I think a few members here may have them, but what is it with Acura drivers usually being twentysomething pricks on an ego trip? I can't count the number of times I've seen Integras zipping and weaving between cars on the freeway like they own it. Personally, I'd rank them up there with BMW drivers for biggest asshats on the road.

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I like Minis to, but it is a relatively slow car, though an integra is slower I would imagine.

I was talking in a autocorss since for the snappy acceleration into tight turns.

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