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Promoted Vauxhall

One more promotion and my name will become public, hmmmmm that's disturbing! :smilewide:

At Vauxhall I have access to Opel and Holden systems, it's a win/win ...

Just remember us when you become CEO :rwd:

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What will happen with the house you just rented in OZ?

Too bad you couldn't spend some time there, cool place to live.



Danke! As for my house in Oz it's on a month to month lease! I have no plans on leaving Oz at the moment, I have a lot of work going on that involves multiple continents. However Vauxhall keeps me close to the powers that be in Europe, without stepping foot in Germany and still able to keep a finger on Opel, while at the same time Vauxhall allows me the same opportunity with Holden ...

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