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Cryptic Thread

Blake Noble

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The rains in Plains, fall mainly on the trains...unless its in Plains Georgia...which has no large planes, as it has no large airport.

You would need to go to Atlanta, which has a large Airport, to have the proper retort.

So to land a Plane in Planes, you would need to land it on the planes, of plains, Georgia.

But then you would get red clay on the wheels. Which would be silly.

So just land the damned plane in Atlanta..already...dammit....because if you can fly that damned thing in the dark at 600 miles an hour and Find Atlanta...you can damned sure find my luggage!


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I would comment on his noun, but oldsmoboi our moderator would frown, and I don't want to get shouted down.

But the man in the shower would certainly look like a clown...


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A whore by the seashore...would be a man from Nantucket....and oldsmoboi would like to....find a nice clean low mile Toranado. Preferably of the square bodystyle of the 80's...but not because of the ladies...because a whore by the seashore...would be Sally.

And if olds finds his olds, the one thing he won't do is dally.

But not because of Sally.

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Whales fart in Wales. :AH-HA:

Whales fart into sails, which send ships to Nantucket...where there is a man who has a noun that needs another noung...all around town....

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"Nipples," said young George to the Mexican Immigrant. The Immigrant looked at George, startled by what he just said. "Que?" said the Immigrant. He understood George, but wanted him not to speak. The Immigrant was beginning to feel uncomfortable around George. "If I had a quarter for all the nipples on this haytruck, I'd be a rich man," George suddenly said, looking at the Immigrant, not caring if he understood. The Immigrant looked at George, stroked his mustache, and then looked out of the back of the truck. He wondered if Americans were all like George, randomly spurting stupid sentences full of mediocre garbage out of their mouths, fat and lazy.

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