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Sketch Competition #29 -- GM's MINI Vehicle

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Welcome to Sketch Competition #29!


Head Honchos at the Ren-Cen are spending many a sleepless nights looking at success of one diminutive little car and its variants. The car and its variants have caught the world raving about their design, quality and most importantly their price. Priced between $12,000 to $20,000 the vehicles have become bestsellers in lot of countries around the globe. GM wants to answer this car family and answer it right to claw back its market share and show its design renaissance. You are the newly appointed GM designer who has an impressive portfolio while finishing the design school. GM needs new ideas and you fit the bill.

The car and its variants in question is the MINI! Yes somehow MINI became cheap and began onslaught in the world market. GM needs a MINI competitor to vie the world. Multiple body styles such as Coupe, Sedan, Cabrio, SUV, Hatchback, Wagon and Truck are planned. Boy oh Boy Choices Galore!! Mr. Welburn walks into your office one morning and tells you that you have till the end of the month to produce ONE SKETCH representing the EXTERIOR and ONE SKETCH representing the INTERIOR. What would you do? Well one thing you can do is to use the space below and show the idea. But remember Mr. Welburn also told the same thing to other budding designers in GM Lab - Man do you have one heck of a competition in your hands, don't you? So let your creative juices flow and show your mettle.

Here are the basic requirements:

  • The car family should be RWD and fun to drive vehicle.
  • Exterior dimensions in hatchback and sedan version should not exceed that of the Aveo.
  • The car will be powered with 3 or 4 cylinder engine with varying outputs.
  • You decide what GM brand will adopt this car. If you feel like it deserves a new brand, explain it in the essay.

In addition, a small essay explaining your thought process will go miles in helping people understand the reasoning behind your concept is demanded by the board who are not lifetimers in auto industry.

So get your pens and pencils going. The DEADLINE is March 1, 2010.

Please include at minimum 2 (two) of the following:

  • 3/4 Front View
  • 3/4 Rear View
  • Interior View

Entries without two perspectives will still be accepted, but will incur a 2-point penalty at the end of voting

Remember, people will be voting based on the overall presentation of your entry, so the more views the better. While your essay should help in strengthening your viewpoint it will not be considered as part of the competition entry.

And forgot the most important part: Winning sketch will receive a GM related prize.

Good luck! Keep the design coming!

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I wanted to do this but I just could not come up with a good idea for a design. My mind has been preoccupied with other projects.

To compete with the MINI on the styling level, the car proposed here would have to have to same kind of balance between looking friendly and sporty. The MINI is what many consider cute, but not so much that it repels clientele who are concerned with it emasculating their image. Few designs have ever achieved such a balance. America doesn't have a history of popular small cars, let alone sporty small cars, so there is not much historically to reach back to for inspiration. Recent attempts to make small, sporty looking cars have come off as either too cute, too aggressive, or too ugly (in the case of the Spark, all three simultaneously). The ideal solution to this proposal would possibly require a totally new styling direction that I'm too lazy and uninspired to explore at this time.

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Well I am working on the proportions and Im going to raise the roof slightly. The idea was to make it more of a chop top concept type, where you sit lower in the car like in the Camaro's but still have the room youd normally have just a smaller window.

Thanks for the comments.

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Well I am working on the proportions and Im going to raise the roof slightly. The idea was to make it more of a chop top concept type, where you sit lower in the car like in the Camaro's but still have the room youd normally have just a smaller window.

Thanks for the comments.

50% suggestion, 50% request: Why not do a raodster instead? Something in the vein of the upcoming MINI Roadster? :AH-HA:

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aveo sized rwd is inefficient....

Riiighhhttt......just like the Miata is...inefficient....

That being said, such a car as RWD would not go over well....as in winter climates, the people that would be a large part of the demographic wouldn't like them....

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I'm going to sketch a few ideas out today and submit something soon.

After all this is right up my alley.

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