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Do Reindeer have Spots?


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If your vision is blurred from too much eggnog, please don't drive. Just bundle up on the porch and post your car spots as they go by, right here. Happy Holidays!

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Saw a couple of Terrains earlier this week, SLT models. Not that noteworthy, except for the fact that I now prefer their styling to that of the Equinox. Funny how that happened.

Also, several G8s today, one of which had a few (tasteful) exterior mods. And one GXP the other day.

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Late model Maxx LT in spotless white with body-color hatchlid crossbar, darkened taillights and bowties, clear headlights, tinted windows and stock-size aftermarket alloys.

Late model Monte Carlo LT in spotless Victory Red with dark windows, silver pinstripes over the fender swooshes and stock-size aftermarket alloys.

Nice, mild surprises, both.

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Picture this:

It's 23 degrees last night... I'm driving down Lakeview Ave. in Lowell, my snow tires have been on the Mercedes

for over a month, people are already prepared for the cold winter, plow attachments are on the front of pickups,

Christmas Wreaths are hung on most people's front doors, at least every 3rd house has Christmas Lights on

their trees / bushes / roof....

And then I see it:

1970 Dodge Challenger.... not rotted to death but looking like it's a year round daily driver and has been for every

day of it's 40 years of existence. About 4 coats of white paint, most of them worn out and faded and cracked into

the primer.... spots of surface rust visible in several big patches... looking less like oxidation and more like light

tan coffee stains on an off-white shirt. Scummy oil stained rear valance, slightly misaligned headlights, the rims

just looked flat black in motion, possibly steelies, and the stance, it was in a word: perfect.

I mean this thing sat like it was one of the Challengers that was raced in the Trans Am Series in 1970.

Then there was the sound: it rumbled and boiled over with a baritone song just coasting at 40mph. I was in love...

it was the closest thing I've seen in years to my '68 Camaro "Semi-Street-Legal-Dragster-Mad-Max-Special".

A classic muscle car that is often times considered priceless even in rough unrestored condition, and some

redneck from Tyngsboro or Dracut or whatever is driving it like it's an '87 Ford F150.

The overall condition of this thing was great but it did have the rough edges & patina of a 40 year old DPW truck.

It passed by me one more time later on in the night, on Long Pond Road in Tyngsboro and it looked to be a

ghost, a specter or some sort of Automotive hallucination, as its tail lights faded in my rear view mirror and

it's exhaust rumble dissipated, and it slipped into the vanishing point.

I'm not even a huge fan of the 1st gen. Challenger and always felt it was a bit of a rip-off of the Camaro & Firebird.

But it's so cool to see a true classic muscle car being used as God intended, on the road collecting bugs in its

grille and wearing through tbe rubber on its rims. I used to be one of those that carried the torch but I can not

afford ANY sort of Muscle Car these days, vintage or new.

Anyway, this was the coolest post-war car sighting of at least 2 months.

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Yesterday afternoon, saw a donked black '87-90 Caprice rollin on what looked like 30s yesterday evening.

Also, one of the new high roof Nissan NV vans.

And the 3rd Cruze I've seen out and about, a silver one w/ a temporary tag.

One odd thing I've seen this past week...3 new Hyundai Accents w/ temporary tags...

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Just saw a mid-80s G-body Cutlass sedan.

When was the last time you saw one of those?

Looked pretty clean.

I was just telling BV yesterday that there is a 78-79 G-body Cutlass Cruiser running around near me in "Old coot kept it in the garage and never drove it" condition.

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That cracks me up!

Some people should be kept away from the zip-ties. 8)

Unless used to zip tie them to a padded room. WTF is that grille about...


I continue to see more 80's Regals, Monte Carlo's and Cutlass's, new and different everyday, near where I work in MD than I ever thought existed. I literally think every other person there owns one, in some shape or another.

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You just triggered a memory of a dream I had recently. It was a short episode. I pulled up and parked my '81 Grand Prix, only it was painted an intense, bright red with blacked-out trim. I got out and looked, and there was a battered gray version of the same car on one side, and a light metallic blue one on the other, with air shocks on the rear end and aluminum slot mag wheels.

That is all.

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On the drive up to Virginia, we saw several Tauruses (one or two SHOs), a Fiesta, and a Cruze.

Also, a couple of second-gen Chevelles. I'd like to post pics, but it's probably inadvisable to snap photos of traffic on the other side of I-85 while driving 80 mph.

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