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SAAB News: Could BMW be Bidding for Saab?

Blake Noble

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BMW would get a known brand that still has loyal followers and buyers.

All five of them!!

On paper this seems like a good idea. In practice, I'm pessimistic it'd work. Unless BMW mandated joint SAAB/BMW or SAAB/Mini dealerships, the Scandanavian brand's limited dealer network would hinder the brand. Going toe-to-toe with the Buick's, VW's and Acura's would be a challenge.

Mini had immediate brand awareness that BMW could milk from the get-go. SAAB has nowhere near the brand cachet.

That being said, if they could pull it off, it'd be a really cool revival for a brand that even I believe deserved a lot more love than it got.

The current Saab network would have no affiliation with the "new Saab" at all. BMW could offer Saab franchises to whomever it chooses from the old network, but would more likely team them up with their existing network.

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