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GM will offer Internet Access in 2015 models


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Yea, no big deal, some will love it as they are connected everywhere, others will ignore it and not use it. I could care less as once my work day is over, I check my few sites, but I love to drive and only want to listen to music on my xm radio commercial free and drive. :P

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Not sure why you would need it (except for in-car in-dash services) since you can use your phone for internet access. A fun example from real life-- 4 of my coworkers drove from Phoenix to Vegas today in a Passat CC.. 3 were busy on their laptops using a wi-fi hot spot from an iPhone..we stayed in touch via Google Hangouts, not that different from working w/ them from home.

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This makes sense for the year 2010. Why is this needed when phones have hotspot functionality now?

It'd be far more compelling if GM offered the service for free for the first several years of ownership. Advertising a nationwide data allowance of 2GB monthly would get noticed very quickly. Otherwise this is something nobody really wants.

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Hard to imagine for those with, but there is still a large quantity of people without smart phones out there.

Whether or not that quantity makes sense to offer this with, I have no idea.

That's why it's weird. If someone doesn't already own a smartphone, they're probably not interested in using internet in their vehicle in the first place. Any remote interest in this will be nulled by AT&T's ridiculous data pricing.

So although it's an option, it has next to zero appeal. Good going, GM!

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Well no; there are numerous other avenues to use the internet besides the phone. Just because one doesn't have a smart fone doesn't at all mean they don't use the 'net.

I for one would rather be in a house/building using the net rather than my car, but the option for those who want it is nice... just not sure what quantity that is. We really have no info there.

Still... might be more than those who prefer -say- a crinkly fabric roof that folds down.

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The obvious use case for internet in the car is for passenger use..so passengers can surf on their laptops or tablets w/o going through a phone hot spot or other separate wi-fi hardware...use the car's hot spot.

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