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William Maley

Honda News: Revealed! 2017 Honda Civic Hatchback, Arrives This Fall

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Honda has finally pulled the curtain back on the 2017 Civic Hatchback that will be arriving this fall in the U.S.


There aren't many changes with the transition from concept to production model. There is a sloping roofline and a upswept beltline. The model shown here - Sport Touring - features side skirts, intergrated rear wing, and center mounted exhaust.


The Civic Hatchback will only be available with the turbocharged 1.5L four-cylinder. The LX, EX, and EX-L get 174 horsepower, while the Sport and Sport Touring feature 180. Both tunes of the turbo 1.5 will feature the same amount of torque - 162. One exciting bit of news is that the hatchback (along with the Civic coupe and sedan equipped with the turbo engine) will have a manual transmission as standard equipment for the LX, Sport, and EX trims. A CVT will be available on those trims and standard on the EX-L and Sport Touring.


Honda says the Civic Hatchback provides best-in-class rear legroom (36 inches) and cargo space (no measurement is listed for it).


More importantly, the hatchback will be the basis for the next Civic Type R, due out next year.


Honda's Swindon plant in the UK will handle the worldwide production of the Civic Hatchback. Pricing will be announced at a later date.


Source: Honda


2017 Honda Civic HatchbackHonda Civic Hatchback
Album: 2017 Honda Civic Hatchback
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Press Release is on Page 2

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Sorry but the more I see this the more it just makes me :puke: as I see nothing sexy about this short ass, blunted punched in the face auto.


I just do not get the style direction they are going.

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I don't think it looks terrible, but it's definitely the least good-looking of the Civic sisters.


I'm more excited about the manual transmission paired with the turbo. I'm eager to drive one to see how the two operate in conjunction with each other. Depending on the result, I am seriously considering a Civic as an eventual GTI replacement. I may just wait for the Si, as well, but even as it is with a CVT, it's not far off from my GTI's performance. At 6.6 seconds to 60 compared with the GTI's 6.1 (both as tested by C/D), It's pretty close, but with far better gas mileage. If the stick improves that, and depending on what the Si ends up with, I could probably make the switch. 


Then again, that damn Miata keeps taunting me...

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Those unnecessary giant black boxes on the front and rear bumpers destroy the looks of the car.  Take a moment to imagine the car without them and I am sure you all will agree.  The sedan and coupe have grown on me slightly, like a skin tag.  Local dealer has a coupe with horrible CVT in that searing green color.  Darker colors, like the black one they also have, hide the warts.  It is not too bad except for the black stuff on those bumpers... which the new Cruze is afflicted with in RS guise as well.  I would still take the Cruze manual RS hatch over this, even with the horsepower deficit, simply because it is not near as bizarre in styling.


I was looking at the HR-V this weekend.  Overall, the looks are tidy.  I like the deep blue and the green colors... but I cannot abide a CVT, or the silly touch screen radio and HVAC controls... they are distracting.  I am glad the Civic has retained buttons, IIRC.  Between the weak motor, CVT and touch screen dash, I had to cross the HR-V off my test drive list.


When I think of the late 80's-early 90's Hondas... the CR-X, and the Civics and Accords with exceptionally low cowls and wishbone suspensions... even the little Civic wagon... I wonder how they got so far afield with their designs and their engineering.

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It almost has a crossover look to it.  The shape is similar to the Accord Crosstour, reminds me a bit of the Subaru Impreza Crosstek, just not quite as tall.  When I think Civic hatchback I think 3 door not 5, so this was a bit bigger than I was expecting.  But I think the popularity of crossovers inspired this look and the 5 door.

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on a drive back from a vacay this evening, a new civic clung to me and it decided to slow down and speed up for 2 hours while my cruise was set at 72 mph.

i really do like the Civic except the styling is wearing on me.  I think they styled it well, but it's so overdone and tiring.  The rear taillights are over the top (literally).  Just so much going on.  It's like going out to the bar for 6 hours and the music and drunk idiots never letting up.

The hatch makes it worse.

Civic's big flaws are interior noise, some may add CVT.  I think for those that don't look at cars in depth like us here do, they'll like the styling but it's made for the younger set.  It's like Honda's Grand Am, after awhile the cladding and strakes just became a cartoon.  I really considered the Civic a lot before we got the Malibu recently and now I am really glad I didn't go Civic.

Look at the Sentras and Corollas out there, this is still better.......

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