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GM ‘100 percent’ Commited To Holden Following Sale of Opel

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Holden was relying on Opel to help supply its upcoming lineup with models such as the Astra and Insignia rebadged as the Commodore. But with the sale of Opel and Vauxhall to PSA Group, the future of Holden's lineup hangs in the balance. But GM is still committed to the Australian brand and the sale of Opel should not have any impact in the near future according to GM president Dan Ammann.

“What I want to emphasise is we are 100 per cent committed to the business in Australia and New Zealand, and we have a lot of exciting things in the pipeline. It’s going to be a really good period of time for the business down there,” said Ammann.

"As a lot of you know there are a lot of people in the business at General Motors that have a lot of history and linkage to Holden and there's nothing we want to see more than seeing the business prosper down there. So we're really committed to making the business work down there."

For the time being, Holden will be getting the Astra and Commodore from Opel as part of the deal between GM and PSA. Ammann did admit that decisions concerning long-term product plans for Holden are up in the air. 

"So no specific decisions have been taken on that front. We have, I'd say as a result of yesterday's announcement, more not less opportunities going forward," said Ammann.

"Clearly the current models that are just launching will run through their full lifecycle and what we do after that is yet to be determined."

Source: CarAdvice , Drive.com.au, Wheels

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This would make sense if the Asian markets like China continue to expand where the demand needs to be fed.  Yes, GM is building on the mainland with Buick and Cadillac. But this would still give flexibility to respond to other markets in the region.  Just keep sending the USA more RWD sports sedans with manual transmissions and everything will be A-OKAY.

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I read the other day what will happen.  Holden is indeed safe.  They are committed to Holden. They will initially get future products from GMC and Chevrolet. They are supposed to get the GMC Acadia. They will next get Chevrolet Equinox. They also right now have the previous generation Malibu.  They are not going to change the name to Chevrolet either.  Holden has a rich history. Then it is open game on the domestic(USA) product portfolio. Cadillac will be introduced to Australia in the 2020's.  This is after it is successfully introduced internationally in other places.  Future Buicks will come from China and South Korea. Back in the day Holden worked closely with Oldsmobile. Check out the video below. 





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20 hours ago, daves87rs said:

Wish I could say the same....not so sure GM is commited to Holden......seems more like they want to have a "worldwide" core to me.


My hope is that Holden will still be here for years to come....

Seems like Holden is just going to be badge engineered from other brands with no distinct models of their own.   Without the Commodore, Caprice and Ute, they have a mix of Chevy and Opel rebadges currently..

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On 3/11/2017 at 7:07 PM, Cubical-aka-Moltar said:

Seems like Holden is just going to be badge engineered from other brands with no distinct models of their own.   Without the Commodore, Caprice and Ute, they have a mix of Chevy and Opel rebadges currently..

Hoping after a while that they will add models. We can hope....

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