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Nissan Redesigns the Sentra for 2020: Comments

Drew Dowdell

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2019 Nissan Sentra B-7.jpgLos Angeles - Nissan has unveiled the 2020 Nissan Sentra at the LA Auto Show Today. The new Sentra takes on the look of the larger Altima and Maxima to bring some harmony to the Nissan sedan lineup. The Sentra is Nissan's best selling model in the U.S.

Nissan is adding Nissan Safety Shield 360 as standard equipment for 2020 with additional driver assisted technologies available.  The platform is all new, now with an independent rear suspension and electric rack steering. A new 2.0-liter 4-cylinder replaces the previous 1.8-liter unit.  The new motor produces 149 horsepower and 146 lb.-ft of torque, an increase of 20 percent and 16 percent respectively. Fuel economy is also projected to improve. All 2020 Sentra models come equipped with the latest generation Xtronic transmission.

The center of gravity has been lowered by lowering the overall height 2.2 inches and increasing the track by 2.0 inches. 

Trim levels have been simplified to S, SV, and SR with just two option packages. The interior has been upgraded and refined to be more premium feeling. Android Auto and Apply CarPlay are standard with NissanConnect. 

2020 Nissan Sentra_O_s.jpg

The 2020 Sentra goes on sale in January 2020.

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Nice exterior.  Versa Sentra Altima all look like scaled versions of the same design kinda.  

Interior theme doesn’t totally match Altima and Versa.  But a big improvement over the current. 

For engines Nissan tries to avoid turbo as much as possible.  Be nice to see more power but it is class competitive.  Nissan with no turbo and having cvt must be cheap to make.  Mitsubishi’s even have turbos now. Lol

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The only thing I don't like about it is Nissan pushing our heads against the wall and forcing the CVT down our throats.  I also call into question the idea that to look like a family, every member has to be identical except in size.  But it does look good inside and out, and I hope the lower, wider chassis translates into a trickle down of that old (nearly forgotten) Datsun driving magic that gave us the original 510, 240Z, and even the first Sentra SE-R.  The interior looks great.

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I just had a 2019 as a rental. 

I do not like that dark strip on the C-pillar exterior on the new Sentra, nor on any Nissan.  It's a bad signature, as is the Toyota/Lexus shovel nose front grille.  The car's exterior lines do look better.  Just think what it would look like without that stupid insert.  It would look even better.  I do not like the interior.  Sorry.  It looks too much like the interior of the new(er) KIA Stinger.  Circular vents are cool when they're subtle and are inserts instead of protrusions which make the car's dash look like it has a case of hyperthyroidism.

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