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Item: 2021 GMC Sierra 1500 Duramax

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  • 2 weeks later...

UPDATE : Apprently GM closes down completely for a month starting at Christmas. So my order placed 12/23 isn't, actually, "placed" yet. That means: order in in beginning of Feb, then add 8-12 weeks. Suddenly, March has become May.


On the other hand, this gives me the rest of January to stalk gmclocator.com, and possibly find an on lot version I can make a better deal on. It's grotesquely unlikely, because anytime I search within a 250 radius, there's like 4 trucks that match my baseline. And 3.75 of them are either white or black.

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Dealer told me a few weeks ago that GM was scheduled to build a run of Duramax 1500s starting 2/25... first a batch of Denalis and AT4s, then the rest of the trims. I have no idea how long time-wise they'll build the upper trims; there's 3 plants, and the next interval would be around beginning of June. I have no ida of the speed GM builds these, or how many shifts. I hope it's no longer than 2 weeks on the upper trims.

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29 minutes ago, balthazar said:

Update today- have an order # finally, plus a scheduled build week of 3/29-4/4. It’s supposedly a lock to get built. Current restrains are running boards (mine doesn’t have ‘em), and the molded floor liners- but they’ll built it without those. Dealer manager says probably be here last week of April.

Hope it gets all of its computer chips


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Hope it goes well w/ the new GMC..speaking of ordering trucks, recently talked w/ a friend/former coworker in Phoenix that ordered a new Ram 2500, waited a couple months for the build, then it was demolished immediately on arrival at the dealership.   He hadn't even gotten to see it in person yet.  

Apparently, it was backed off the transport truck which was parked in a turn/middle lane of a busy 6 lane street in front of the dealer then as they are pulling into the dealer, it was broadsided by a dump truck.    I can picture what happened, this was the same dealer I bought my Jeep at.   Now he's waiting on a replacement...

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18 minutes ago, balthazar said:

Target build week got bumped from 3/29 to 4/12, but as of this morning its status code is 3800 : 'Order produced, VIN available'.

That should mean it actually exists, in the steel.

Supposed delivery date is 5/4, but those are (currently) 'largely meaningless'.

Agree, dates are meaningless till actual confirmation of it shipped, on the truck, arrived at the dealership. Not surprised by the bump to the build week due to the various parts shortage happening.

Thanks for keeping us updated, very excited to see your new truck when it arrives! :metal:

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UPDATE : order status now at 4150, vehicle is invoiced and has left the plant - it's at the transport company's holding lot.
It made that trip on 4/11, so it was built sometime between 4/5 and 4/10.

Supposed expected delivery at dealer is 5/13. 

God this is taking forever.

On the flip, I read there are locator services willing to pay $3 grand over MSRP to buy new trucks, inventory demand is that crazy. 🤔

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3 hours ago, balthazar said:

Sounds really weird, but I understand why; my dealer now has my actual, specific truck advertised on their website, and the ‘start buying process’ button is still there/ active.

Totally makes sense, they can use it for marketing and if others like that package, they can order them up one as they then inform them it has already been sold. Good sales / marketing.

Do they have a picture of your truck with the listing?

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5 hours ago, balthazar said:

Sounds really weird, but I understand why; my dealer now has my actual, specifc truck advertised on their website, and the ‘start buying process’ button is still there/ active.

Can they sell it out from under you if someone offers them more than sticker? 

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^^^  I guess you have put a down deposit for it?   For them to order it and for GM to actually produce it, a deposit was made?  yes?

And so, a contract was signed?  yes?

Then I do not comprehend that a dealership could sell a signed contract, down deposited vehicle, one with a VIN already assigned to the future owner to another person who offers a better deal for it.

But I just re-read what you posted, Balthy, and the VIN was not assigned to you, yet.  Am I correct? 

You wrote VIN available...

But you still gave a down deposit with a pre-sales contract.  

OK...the more I write, the more Im getting the feels for the situation.

A pre-sales contract could be broken...  By other side...

Ouch!    That WOULD suck BIG TIME if they screwed you over that way...  


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Correct- when you order a vehicle, there is NO VIN. In fact there is no order number at that time- order number comes when GM accepts the order and logs it in. We all know the 'commerce chaos' of 2020-2021. VIN comes when the truck is scheduled for imminent production.

Do I have a 'pre-sales' contract? Is that binding?

I can say this; my truck 'as advertised' is not showing any 'market adjustment', and I have not seen that happen with full-size GM trucks. The advertised truck shows the same MSRP as the sales guy re-confirmed with me Monday.

I don't expect a 'bad turn' will happen.

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