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Hyundai News:Hyundai Updates the Sonata

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Hyundai today released images of their latest Hyundai Sonata refresh for 2024. This is a rather quick turnaround as the current Hyundai Sonata was released in 2019 as a 2020 model.  This could be the last hurrah for the Sonata because it is rumored that Hyundai will ax the Sonata nameplate at the end of this run.  While the current Sonata is one of the more handsome designs in the dwindling sedan market, Hyundai felt the refresh was necessary to bring the Sonata in line with their EV lineup.  The visual similarities between the 2024 Sonata and the recently released Hyundai Ioniq 6 aren't by accident. 

2024 Hyundai Sonata 004.jpgWhile riding on the same platform, externally, the 2024 Sonata adopts the wide front-end styling of the Ioniq 6, including a full-width and seamless LED bar.  Headlamps are camouflaged low into the bumper area, leaving viewers with the expectation that headlights should pop up from somewhere. The tail light bar gets a similar treatment with obvious edges in the new H-lights.

The interior of the Sonata has also been refreshed with this horizontal theme similar to the Ioniq 6. A first the any Hyundai model, the panoramic curved display combines both the 12.3-inch driver cluster and a 12.3-inch infotainment unit. Hyundai must have noticed the recent pushback on all-touch controls at competitors because they left physical buttons for climate control and some entertainment functions.2024 Hyundai Sonata 007.jpg

Similar to the drive selector in the Ioniq 5 and Ioniq 6, the gear selector in the Sonata has become a stalk on the steering column. This opens up the center console space to the driver.

Standard and N-Line variants will be available. Powertrain details will be released later, but we expect much to carry over from the existing car.

The 2024 Sonata officially debuts at the Seoul Mobility Show on March 30th and will go on sale in the U.S. later this year.

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WOW, I have to say that Hyundai is hitting Home Runs. This is a really nice looking car inside and out. I would expect it would be something the car folks here would like, such as @oldshurst442 @ccap41 @trinacriabob @riviera74

I am glad they are tying it into their EV brand for a smooth transition. 

Great Interior for a 21st century car. Have to say it is a desirable car IMHO.

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I like the look of this, it looks really good.  I was never a fan of that fish mouth droopy front end of the last one.  This looks pretty sharp and the inside looks good too, compare that interior to like an Altima, Malibu or Legacy and it looks 10 years newer.  The pre-face lift car had really fallen off in sales, from like 200,000 a year the last gen to 55,000 or something last year, so they had to abort that styling and go with something else.  

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Thank you @smk4565 I was curious to see what the model year sales were like and so while I just grabbed the chart that only went back to 2005, I have circled in Red the model year generation change.


Hyundai Sonata Models, Generations & Redesigns | Cars.com

Based on this the changes before this were as follows:

  • 1999-2005
  • 1994-1998
  • 1992-1993

It would seem that Hyundai when they have a hit on their hands will work through to a break even point and then come out with a new model or massive refresh update. If they have a successful style, they push it longer.

Clearly the Fish mouth style design of the last generation continued to sell a bit into 2021 and then fell off as all auto sales did in 2022. Was a solid move to refresh it inside and out to align with their EV drive of new auto's and as @surreal1272 pointed out, this does have a very Lucid look that people seem to like. I bet this will do very well for them. Be interesting to see the sales numbers once this hits the lots.

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This is pretty (The LED headlights)  

Very "LUCID" indeed.

2024 Hyundai Sonata Revealed With A Bold Design That's More Than Just A  Simple Facelift | Carscoops


This is pretty ugly

2024 Hyundai Sonata revealed, Australian launch confirmed


The swathes of black plastic.  Its as if its got a 6.2 liter iron blocked, aluminium head supercharged V8 under the hood requiring all that open hole black plastic for gobs of airflow. 

The SRT Team Is Dead, Engineers Absorbed Within Stellantis: Report


But it doesnt have what the Hellcat has.   So why is all that necessary?  

Oh...I get it..  To make it LOOK like it has a 2.4 liter supercharger...   I see I see.   Its the "N" Line afterall...


Yeah...its a good lookin' car alright.  But with all those fires and recalls Hyundai has got...   

And...my  wife's sister's boyfriend back in the day in 2004  was stranded because his Hyuandai Santa Fe  was a piece of shyte so its a BIG  NO THANX for me. 

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