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Dog Days - August


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- 1970 Chevelle, daytona yellow w/ tuxedo black SS stripes

- 1935/6/7 flat black coupe of some sort... maybe a '36 Pontiac? on a dark road at 2am

- 1973 Pontiac Grand Am 4-dr post

- 1947 Ford pickup (for sale in a dirt driveway)

- Magnum SRT-8 hidding in the back of a poor lit parking lot... MENACING.

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Kinda sorta stole my title.

In any event, this morning had some gems:

-72 Ford LTD 2-door, FOR SALE!! ($5000 though) Could have done without the 70s aftermarket mags, but it's a serviceable package.

-Canadian Pontiac Tempest (our Chevy Corsica). Wondered how the driver got it and where he was from

-1st gen. Monte Carlo with SS badges (did actual SS Montes exist back then?)

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An Enclave in the Toyota HQ parking lot

Were they busy disassmebling it and reverse engineering it?

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Oh, I saw a Lucerne Super yesterday, but just at a glance in rush hour traffic, it was like 10 cars behind me.

Wow, does the Super's grille reflect that much sunlight that you can spot one from that far? :smilewide:

Saw a Ferrari F430 at the office building's garage last week. From what my colleagues told me, the car has just been there for months with no signs of actually being driven...

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I came | | this close to buying a 1951 Packard 200 coupe today for the astronomical sum of $800 until I remembered that I had no place to put it and my poor Eldorado would never get done if I kept buying stuff. Shame, too, as it was 100% complete and wasn't in terrible shape. What a little honey of a car. It's times like this that make me wish I had a big barn to squirrel something like this away in till I was ready for it.

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