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Rain really does suck. We went through a stretch a couple weeks ago where the 10-day forecast called for a 40% chance of rain every day and there were scattered showers almost every day with a few major thunderstorms mixed in. Now its just non-stop 95 degrees.

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A couple of days above 100ºF like we had at the mine this week and you'd beg for rain! :neenerneener:

Supposed to be back over 100 today. The last two weeks have been the coolest June here since 1913--two weeks in a row w/ highs only in the 90s.

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The heat has made everyone's A/C break, so I have cleaned up running service calls.

Is beautiful here...I am about to put the top down, drive home, and take my son to Columbus Motor Speedway to watch the roundy rounds...


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MMM only about 88 here in California :)

Well that won't make me jealous, I hate the heat. :AH-HA_wink:

But I could use some sunshine.

The sad part is that June is usually the most beautiful weather of the year here.

We'll probably go directly to our standard summer forecast now: Hot and $h!ty, with continued hot and $h!ty and a chance of thunderstorms until mid-September.

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Today was more humid than I liked, but considering all of the lousy weather, I'll take what I can get. I feel pretty accomplished as far as making use of it. Got some nice photos in the morning, and just got back from flying my plane with its new modifications.

Rain's at the doorstep though.

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The Year Without Summer.

At Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Year_Without_a_Summer

I've always romanticized the 'notion' of Winter. A fan of it so to speak. "Dr. Zhivago", with its frigid Russian landscapes portrayed, is on of my favorite films.

I enjoy being sequestered indoors when it is bitter out.

On the distaff side, here, she idolizes warm weather being a native of Florida.

We're both in agreement that this rainy patch we've hit is carrying things a bit too far.

The dehumidifiers have been scavenging enough water to float a Destroyer out this way.

Outside, the dirty surf pounds at times and the beach is littered with broken clam shells and other detritus.

As a personal recollection, 1985 was much this way. I recall wearing my Pittsburgh Pirates jacket to work in the afternoons almost until the end of June. Then it became savagely hot through October as Mother Nature balanced-out her 'Degree Days'.

1989 was another rainy Spring. I saw clear-running mountain streams, that I still fish to this day, overrunning their banks and churning as a muddy sluice-ways reshaping the landscape.

1998 saw the end of a soggy April transition into a drenching 10 or 11 days into May. It really messed up the Shad Festival in New Hope, PA that year.

But we got through it all as we will this.

My fondest wish is that we'll not be looking skyward in September and wondering when the drought will end.

Best to you all...

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June in Phoenix has been strange this year..the last two weeks have been the coolest stretch since 1913, 15 days of highs in the mid 90s, with a couple cloudy days w/ light rain. Was 100 today, going to be in the low hundys up to 108 by Friday--20 percent or so humidity. Going to be great pool weather. The worst part of the year in AZ is July and August, when many days are 112-115 or higher, and the humidity rises leading to night storms (strangely, last year they all seemed to be Thurs and Friday nights) of the monsoon season.

I still don't know what my ideal climate is, having lived in Ohio and Michigan (and briefly Illinois) most of the first 26 of my 38 years, Colorado for 12 years, and Arizona for over a year now, and six years of 9 months in S. Florida as a kid. I love the abundant sunshine of Fla, Co, and Az, usually don't like excess humidity, can tolerate heat as long as I have good A/C and a pool. But I like being near the ocean, love being near mountains and forests..don't care for desert that much, though.

I still haven't found what I'm looking for.

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We've had enough rain recently to last us a month at least.

Seems like the windows in the Mercedes have not been

down in almost a week, it's been raining off/on for about

two weeks. Makes the "WATER SHORTAGE BAN" lawn signs

look downright silly.

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