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Ever wonder what a Charger front end would look like on a Magnum?


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Interesting... I wonder what that black mark is on the fender ahead of the door.

Speaking of Magnums, there is one of the facelifted Magnums at work, with tiny wheels (must be a base V6 model). The facelift was only for '08, I think..don't see them often.

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I like it a lot. I always liked the nose of the Charger, but hate how the rest of the car doesn't match. With properly matching details, the Magnum should have been more like this, I feel it would have been more popular (Even though it is a farce of a wagon).

I have a theory building in my head that familiarity breeds favor. In 1957, the Ford outsold Chevy... its hard to believe that what many considered the most beautiful car ever made would not be the top seller... my theory is that it wasn't that beautiful to the 1957 eye... it grew on people once it had hit critical mass... of course, in those years of single year design refreshes, it didn't translate into sales.

IMHO, this is why its important to have wagons or any other body style readily adapted to the popular sedan... once the sedan hits critical mass, its success feeds into the other bodystyles. IMHO, its the nose that made the Charger so popular... and it would have made the Magnum much more so.

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A Challenger version of the Magnum would be interesting...

A 2dr shooting brake style wagon on the Challenger body would be interesting. There is a '71 Challenger I've seen a few places online and in a magazine that someone put a Vista Cruiser rear roof and glass on, pretty unusual looking, but not ugly, IMHO.

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I think the little black strip on the fender is there to help blend the two different body lines into one. Notice how the one line is higher, then the black stirp leans and then there is the lower body line. It does help some, but not 100%

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