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Camino LS6

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Let's say you have 35k to spend on a "fun" car. Not a practical,logical,useful car - one that's strictly for fun.

Here are the conditions:

1) has to be a one-owner car

2) new cars not eligible

3) must have very,very, low miles for the year

4) must be collectible or potentially collectible

5) must be domestic

What would you buy?

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Sorry to be a party-pooper, but if I had $35,000 I definately wouldn't spend it on a "for fun" car. I couldn't even see myself spending that much on my everyday car. I'd much rather put it into something like a bigger house.


35k is just the limit. :AH-HA_wink:

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Buick Grand National/GNX (if you can find one):

Posted Image

...and a second on the 90s Impala SS:

Posted Image


totally second any GN .... would it be heresy to slap in a 5-6 speed stick behind it?

or would these cars be too "practical"

otherwise a corvette sounds the best.

varience... you found a pic i used in my facebook account for a while, that's funny and cool

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Hmm...I'd take this list:

-'70 El Camino SS 454

-'59 El Camino 348

-'68 Eldorado 472 Coupe

-'71 Olds 442 W30 'vert

-'59 Impala 'vert

-'57 Chrysler 300C

-'05/'06 GTO 6.0

-'96 Impala SS

...and sleep on it. I can't make up my mind just yet, although I'm leaning slightly more towards the Eldo.

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1929-1939s Cadillac, LaSalle, Pontiac or Buick.

As orignal as possible, preferably some unique

body style, dual cowl phaeton would be

awsome but for $35K a bustle back sedan or

something with suicide doors would be cool,

coachbuilt would be awsome.

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