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Witnessed Something Pretty Horrific...

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Last night while on my way to see a friend, I stopped off to fill up my Riv. After spending $40 to fill up from ABOVE a half tank, I proceeded north on Route 100 ( also known as Central Park Avenue) anyway about a mile up the road, I was cruising in the right lane at about 35MPH, it was dark out and raining, I had my wipers on. Suddenly, a dark blue '91 Accord pulls out of a parking lot, nearly takes the front of my Riv off, and pulls out into the road. He begins to gain some speed, at this point I had flashed him my high beams and was racing to catch up to him to curse him out. Just as I was catching up to him, I noticed two people crossing the road up ahead, and the Accord speeding right toward them....the next thing I know....BOOM, he hit the pedestrians ( he never even hit the brakes before impact) I saw and umbrella go flying and then a woman fly over the roof and crash down onto the trunk lid. The other victim I could not see. At this point I proceeded to block off the lane, put on my flashers and asked the woman on the trunk if she was ok. The driver then got out and was obviously panicked. I began cursing him out for nearly crashing into me and now running down 2 people. I called 911 and gave them the location of the accident and continued to close off the street with my car until the police and EMT's arrived. I then pulled off to the shoulder and got out of my car. At this point I noticed that the second pedestrian's feet were laying on the cowl and the rest of him was inside the car. He had gone through the windshield. The roof was buckled and smashed in, and the man had to be cut out of the car with the jaws of life. The A pillars were cut and the roof peeled back. Apparently both victims were alive, but pretty f@#ked up. I was then asked to go down to the Police station to make a statement as I was the eye witness who saw the entire thing happen. Apparently the driver may have been on his cell phone at the time of the accident, as he had a call listed on the phone around the time of the accident. But unfortunately, according to the way the law is written, without the people crossing in a crosswalk, they cant press charges on the driver for reckless driving. They're going to try to get him for being on the cell phone and I suppose if one or both of the victims die, charges will be made...but at this point I think the only thing that will happen is a lawsuit by the victims. I also found out while at the Police station, that the couple who was hit, were on their first date together!

But anyway, I'm sorry to see two people get hit like that, but yet at the same time I'm glad I didn't have the front of my car taken off when this guy cut me off coming out of the parking lot.

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I actually just got off the phone with Progressive Insurance regarding the accident. Being the only eye witness, they wanted a statement from me. I don't know why they needed a statement though, as I gave an official signed statement to the Police last night. Plus they must have gotten my information from the police as they are the only one's I gave my name and phone number to. So now they have a second statement, and my address in case they need further information. Hopefully I wont have to deal with this issue any further, I hope they can make a case based on my statements and leave me alone...lol.

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Holy 'effin Krap :blink:

That's horrific. Glad to say I have never witnessed anything like that.

I hope both the people pull out and recover fully... although that;s

not a realistic goal, they will both have messed up back muscles and

spine for LIFE. (best case scenario)

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that's terrible. I've seen a car get hit by a train before (driver alone in car, died), but what you saw may have been worse, because I was distanced and it was probably more surreal. To see a person flying over a car is a lot more real and scary, I expect. :(

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I don't know why they needed a statement though,

I witnessed one several years ago and the pinhead lawyer for the person who ran the red light bugged me for days until I told him it would be the birthday of my life to be able to help send his client away for a few years.

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Poor you buddy, I witnessed something like that in Wilmington, when I 1st arrived there. Some A-Hole on a Motorcycle ran down some old woman as she was crossing the street with her dog. She was in very bad shape when they took her away, I don't even know if she survived and they never found her dog as it ran off injured. To this day I can replay what happened in my mind and it still bothers me. :yes:

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Delta, that's enough to make a person puke. How horrible to have to see that, right in front of you. As pedestrians, we should always cross in a crosswalk, but as drivers, we need to be alert, and stay off the damned cell phone while driving.
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It truly was one of the most unsettling things I've ever seen up close, the scary thing is, this man who was driving didn't even slow down, he hit them full on at an estimated 30-40 MPH....The damage to the car shows the force behind the accident, the mere fact they both survived the initial impact is amazing. Obviously I don't know if they survived through the night, but I'll keep you posted if I hear anything.

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I have witnessed a major car wreck in my lifetime, just outside of where I used to work. It was a three car accident that involved speeds up to 55 mph (the place where I used to work was located off of a major highway in my area). I will not forget that there was a small boy of about eight-years old or so that was involved in the wreck, who was riding in a Pontiac Grand Am. I remember specifically that he had suffered from a broken neck, I believe. I am not sure if he was wearing his seatbelt or not.

Witnessing it was very unnerving.

I could only imagine how terrible it was for you to witness your accident, Delta. And I am also sorry that you had to see something like that.

The driver of the Accord should be punished by law for much more than talking on his cell phone, although I suppose living with the heavy guilt of almost killing two innocent people will serve as punishment enough for his reckless driving.

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thats rough stuff man, we had an incident like that happen down here where i live about 6 months ago involving an area homeless man that everyone knew. he was crossing a 4 lane but he was in the cross walk and a guy slammed him doing 50 from the side. he also went through the windshield of the vehicle. i cannot remember if the driver was on a cell phone but he was driving under a suspended license. we had to xray him in the er. broken humerus, broken femur, both his lower legs were broke and he ended up losing one of his legs below the knee. this guy had no excuse, clear day around 5pm. i will say it is amazing how the human body can recover and i hope everyone has a full recovery, including yourself because i am sure you prolly have had some "replays" since it happened

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